Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Multi-Level Marketing Company - AKA - The Pyramid Scheme

OK - so don't hate me. I signed up for my first "make your own millions," "work from home," "get in on the ground floor" etc. etc. opportunity. I promise not to devote this blog to hawking the product endlessly. It's a new MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company selling, my favorite thing ever, coffee. Honestly, I don't have any grand plans of making millions, thousands or even hundreds of dollars. But, I have always been a bit fascinated by the concept of MLM's and this is a product in which I firmly believe, so I thought this was a great way to try it out. Now, mind you, I'm signed up only to receive the launch information and no product. That, of course, costs money.

Maybe I'm feeling particularly vulnerable to sales propaganda today. I also got a postcard for Holiday Inn's newest time share property in Orlando and actually thought about calling. This is precisely why I signed up for the Javita launch information. I had a sales trainer once say they loved sitting through time share presentations just to be a student of the sale. I'm thinking the same thing with this launch. Not sure what the initial "investment" may be, but I'm going to stick around long enough to check out how they try to sell this thing and see if I can learn something. It's interesting to me that this is a new product in a very tough new product market (beverages). It will be fun to see how they launch the thing.

That being said, there are always opportunities out there to be had. And, being passionate about a product will yield the best results. So, go find out more at www.reserveyourcup.com/sarajoyner and then sign up. I know, I know, I said I wouldn't use the blog to promote, but maybe just this once. Go check it out. Consider it a learning opportunity. You may just make millions...

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