Wednesday, November 3, 2010

P90X - Day Fifty Eight

Well, the posts are becoming farther apart! I’m still on the workout track but the food is a different story. Things got busy and I got lazy in the kitchen. Plus, with Halloween, the candy temptation was just too high. My weight is the same, which I guess is good. And, my measurements are still going down. So, all good, but I have to wonder what would be happening if I stuck to the diet. Each day I tell myself I’m going to stick to it, then I just don’t. My hunger has been pretty high too.

Anyway, still digging it and looking forward to the last phase. We are heading to Colorado this weekend so I’m going to do my 60 day photos tonight. Close enough! I did extend the last phase though since Tom joined in. So, I’ll be doing P97X. :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

P90X - Day Thirty Eight

Well, here I am at day 38. Haven’t lost a pound in 8 days and getting a little more than frustrated. However, I have read that Phase Two is less about weight loss and more about body transformation. So, I will keep at it and check the results at day 60. I really wish I was strong enough to put away the scale until the milestones. But, it’s just not going to happen.

The diet has been pretty good. I do have an overwhelming feeling that I’ve been cheating, even though I’ve really stuck with the right ratios. All I really know if I’m eating way more healthy than I ever have with a good blend of food, so the weight is bound to come off at some point. I am on the same belt loop as before I was pregnant so there must be some change! :)

Tom is starting with me as of today as well. I’m excited for him. I think he will bulk up quickly and the muscles will just pop through. I’m so happy he’s decided to do it too. We did yoga together today and it was a lot of fun. We giggled a lot on the hard moves and I actually had my best yoga calorie burn. The girls joined in at the end too which is always funny. Josie was trying to get us to skip the exercises because they were so hard. They always love the “Ohms” and they look so cute doing it! :)

Now that we have our internet back, I’m going to try to load my face photos of before and 30 days. I can’t believe the difference!

Monday, October 4, 2010

End of Phase I!

OK – so today is the end of phase one. Tomorrow begins the new workouts and the new nutrition plan. I have to say I feel like I’ve cheated the program a little lately. Today, I did nothing and feel bad. Even though today is Stretch or Rest, I chose to rest. It just didn’t fit into the day and I didn’t make it fit. Then, of course, last night, I ate the chips. Ugh. They were still worth it but I’m wondering if it will lead to more bad things. I’m going to have to kick it into gear tomorrow morning. Tom says he’s going to do it with me, so we’ll see. I’ve heard crazy things about this round – one handed and clap push ups. I wonder if they have the same effect if they’re done on the knees. :)

One other thing I’ve done is put together a spreadsheet for nutrition and calories. It made me realize I’ve actually been pretty far off of my ratios. But, I’ve lost more pounds than the 3500 per pound deficit, so something is working. Right now, I’m assuming 500 calories for breastfeeding and using the first two digits of weight times 100 times 1.2 for the base calories burned. So, over the month, I had an almost 20,000 deficit, which would equal 6 pounds, but I actually lost 9.5. As for the ratios, I actually need to cut down on the fat. My protein/carbs weren’t too far off (averaged 44 protein and 32 carbs, which they were supposed to be 50/30) but fat was 25% instead of 20%. So, I still need to cut the fat and now can switch some protein for carbs. I got double protein bread for a piece of toast in the morning. We’ll see how it works this phase.

Still have two days until measurements and photos. I think I’ll see change for sure. I still have a ways to go, but it’s kind of all gravy from here. I’d love to be pre-Josie weight by the time I’m done. But, I’ll take a few pounds more with muscles. I’m thinking maybe a Turbo Jam circuit after this round of P90X. I’m sure I’ll still have fat and inches to lose by then. Well, that’s 60 days away, so I’ll see when I get closer.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

P90X - Day Twenty Seven

Well, tomorrow marks the end of phase one! I got kind of bored at the end of this recovery week both with diet and exercise. So, I had chips tonight at El Rodeo – my first real food cheat. I thought about it a lot in advance to make sure it wasn’t an impulse thing. Man, they were good!

I’m excited to move on to phase two. It will be nice to have toast with breakfast! I’m also excited to take my 30 day stats and measurements. I know I’ve lost pounds and inches!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hot Tub Shopping

About two months ago, I gave the go ahead to Tom and said he could get a hot tub. He was thrilled and we went out that day to shop for one at a large outdoor patio store. That was a struggle in itself because we had all the kid and the store also sold huge play sets so thats all the girls wanted to do. There were a handful of sales people around the store but everyone seemed busy avoiding us (we were the only customers in the store).

Finally, the sales manager gave the girls beach balls to play with and asked if we needed help. Tom asked for the 5 minute run down on what we needed to know about buying and owning a hot tub. The sales manager was great, except for one fatal flaw – not asking for our info. Which, brings me to my next point.

Fast forward to today – we still haven’t bought one, but probably could have been convinced to do so a week after we were in. I am currently sitting in the car with Jack while Tom’s in his second store of the day. Tom said he acted like a typical Timber Run customer in the first store.

Sales person: hi. How’s it going? Shopping for hot tubs today?
Tom: just looking.
SP: what size are you looking for? Whats your price range etc.?
Tom: just looking.
SP: isn’t your wife going to come in?
Tom: nope. I’m just scouting things out. See you!

At least he tried and asked all the right questions. The second store was way worse. The guy wouldn’t stop running his mouth and apparently cussed in front of the kids. Nice. So, we are back at step one. I guess we will go back to the outdoor store.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Here are my reasons for staying motivated on the diet and exercise front:
(I’m tracking them here because I’m afraid I may forget!)
1. To prove to myself that I actually do have willpower.
2. I don’t recognize myself in photos – I need to lose about 10 more pounds to get back to my “old” self.
3. Vanity – I want to look good by Christmas so that the people I see only a few times a year are “wowed.”
4. Vanity Part II – Just like when I trained for the mini-marathon, I’m so proud to tell people that I’m doing it and think it’s cool that people are so amazed.
5. Want to prove that even though this is probably one of the craziest times in my life, I can still do something just for myself and be a little selfish. I want to have this reminder when I feel like I couldn’t possibly fit in working out. If I can do it now, I can do it whenever!
6. If I’m going to bust my butt on the workouts, I’m not going to blow it on the diet. And, vice versa.
7. We keep saying we’re going to take a vacation this winter and I would love to wear a bathing suit and not be totally self conscious. My ultimate goal would be to wear the suits I bought for our 5-year anniversary cruise.
8. I have not been pleased with how I’ve felt the last few years at the lake for the 4th of July. 2011 will be different!
9. I want killer arms for the Gift of Life Auction in February. And, I’ll buy a new dress. :)
OK – now that I’ve been totally honest, I feel better. (As I’m looking, they really are pretty vain reasons, but whatever it takes, right?? I suppose that I’d like to healthier and set a good example for my kids, blah, blah, blah.)

P90X - Day Eighteen

Well, still going strong. Had a bit of a hiccup this morning. Got up at 5:30 like normal, but Tessa came down right as I was starting Yoga. So, I only got about 1/2 hour in before I realized I was getting no where and fast. :) So, I think I’ll try it at nap time. I was hoping to get a nap myself, but I guess Yoga will have to do.

I’ve stuck with it all – diet and every day work outs. I’m doing the stretch too instead of taking a day off. I’m just afraid if I let myself “skip” a day, I’ll just go downhill from there. Same with the diet. No cheating! I made an awesome pork tenderloin and then great tilapia this week.

I’m down 8 pounds, which is so hard for me to believe. The weight is just melting off. I think the key is that my body just can’t have the carbs if I want to lose weight. I’m not sure if it’s diet or the exercise, but either way, I couldn’t be more pleased. Only 3 more pounds to go before pre-Jack weight, then 14 pounds to pre-Josie weight and then 10 pounds to be really smokin’! :) I’ve never really thought I could drop that much, but now it seems doable. I am keeping a close eye on Jack though because I don’t want to hinder the nursing by “dieting.” I think I’m fine because I’m eating so healthy and still getting about 2000 calories. But, I am watching.
Can’t wait for the 30 day results.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

P90X - Day Thirteen

Man I’m tired!!! I felt like I just couldn’t go it today in Kenpo. Yesterday was a long day at Bands & BBQ with a ton of walking, so maybe that was it.

Either way, I’ve stuck with this thing. Worked out for 13 days in a row and plan to keep at it. The best part is that I’ve kept up with the diet. Still not getting enough protein and too much fat ( about 40/30/30) but sticking to all good foods. Only cheats I’ve had are wine and beer and an extra serving of fruit one day. It’s hard to believe I only have one more week until my first recovery week.

I’m pretty sore today too but again could be from yesterday. I got grape juice for my recovery drink this week. I’m also going with hard boiled eggs and turkey sausage just to change it up a little. I can sense that variety will be the key here.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

P90X - Day Eight

Yep! Day 8! Holy cow I made it a week! I’ve lost 3 pounds and can tell I’ve lost inches in the belly but not measuring yet. I figure I’ll lose pounds fairly quick down to pre-Jack weight, especially with the low carb stuff.

My biggest happy face moment is that I’ve actually stuck with the diet. I didn’t even have one bite of a chip last night from El Rodeo. Major accomplishment. I’ve still been struggling with my ratios but actually had a perfect day yesterday. Problem is, it was just a stretch day so no recovery drink which will throw off my carbs.

My only disappointment is that today I had major struggles with pushups because if a stupid pulled ab muscle. It really hurts (particularly when I sneeze) during pushups and sit ups. So, instead of making it worse, I’m not doing ab ripper today. Feels like cheating but I know it’s best. Plus, it’s only pulled because I’m doing so much more than I was before!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

P90X - Day Six

I did it! Six days in a row of working out and eating right. I’m actually very proud of myself. I don’t think I’ve ever worked out six days in a row.

My body is tired and I’m still pretty sleepy, but I do feel great mentally. I feel like I’m on the right journey finally.
Still having a hard time getting all of my protein in, but bulking it up with extra powder in my recovery drink and a protein shake. I’m not taking measurements or photos again until 30 days, but I do faithfully get on the scales every day, even though I’m not supposed to. I’m down 2.5 pounds!

Tomorrow is my rest day, or I can do Stretch X, which I’m really thinking I should do. My hamstrings are super sore and tight. And, after Kempo today, my guess is the rest of my body will need a good stretch too. Plus, the girls have school and I’m back to work tomorrow, so an early morning, quiet start would be nice. I really did feel good and “at peace” after yoga the other day, so maybe stretch will have the effect. We’ll see.

As for the rest of the day, sitting on the couch, watching football, maybe a nap and cooking boatloads of food for the week!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Up to Here!

I’ve about had it. I’m tired, sore and cranky because I can’t just go eat what I want. My allergies are bad and the girls are having an off day. We are also in the midst of the home tour which I didn’t want to chair in the first place and now I’m missing deadlines and doing a really bad job. I’m just ready to be done with the week. I don’t do well being a stay at home mom and keeping any work responsibilities.
On a positive note, jack had a great checkup!

P90X - Day Three

OK – so another workout in and another blog post. Since I’m not sharing this site with friends/family yet, I guess I’m not too sure why I’m worried about keeping up with it. Maybe just to track my progress on this journey.
Arms and Shoulders wasn’t too bad – of course – I’ll feel it tomorrow. I was able to do all of the exercises. Did Ab Ripper X again and actually wrote down reps this time. I’m trying not to totally go overboard because I know if I just stick with it for 90 days, I will certainly see results. And, I know that the diet is more important than going to failure the first week. I’m a little nervous about Yoga X tomorrow as it’s 90 minutes and I’ve heard it’s not all that fun and becomes boring. That is the best thing about this program so far. I’ve never been bored – something is always coming next.

I have to figure something out though about Tessa. She keeps waking up at 6 and coming down during my workout. Not that I mind, too much, except that she’s not usually pleasant the whole time and needs milk. Then, she’ll be cranky the rest of the day because she didn’t get enough sleep. Then, to top that off, Jack woke up in the middle and I had to go feed him. At least it wasn’t a cardio workout today. I wasn’t as worried about keeping up the heart rate.

Now, about that diet… I’m having a hard time getting enough protein, by like 30% too few protein calories. I’m over a little bit in fat and carbs, but just can’t get in the protein. Still not really craving anything but I did get a little hungry yesterday. I probably saved too much of my food until the end of the day. I need to add calories to lunch. I’ve also noticed my sodium intake is too high. I am getting enough calcium though, which I think is due to the increased yogurt and veggie intake. Anyway, the diet isn’t “hard” per se, but I definitely am spending a lot of time determining what and when I should eat, not to mention grocery trips and food prep. I’m not sure what I’ll do once I go back to work next week. (Babysitter’s on vacation this week.)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

P90X - Day Two

Well, I did two things today and it’s not even 7AM – worked out and blogged! Plyometrics today – it is intense! I was able to do all of the moves, just modified a lot. I love the way the workouts are structured – 30 seconds each and only three or four and then repeated. It gives me a concise start and end time and something to look forward to. I figure next week, I may try to do the jump on the first time through and then the modified on the second and work up from there. Either way, I burned 427 calories! Happy about that.

I think all of the jumping woke the kids up though. Tessa came down around 6 and Josie around 6:15 (fully dressed I may add). They were pretty good and laid on the couch watching, but it took a little of the “me time” aspect out of the workout. And, I had to get chocolate milk in the middle. Oh well. Josie is now playing and Tessa is resting on the couch watching Mickey. I have about 15 minutes until I have to hit the shower and get moving for the day.
First day of preschool today!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

P90X - Day One

Seeing as the last time I blogged, I was very early pregnant, I can tell this isn’t going to be a regular thing. Although, I do like the concept a lot!

Today, I started P90X. I almost chickened out, but decided that since I’d been telling myself I would do this all through the pregnancy, I wanted to give it a go. I decided to go full boat and rock out the diet too. Let me tell you, the diet will be much harder than the workouts. I worked hard today to do exactly as it said and tracked it two different ways, one by portions (which I did fine) and one by the 50% protein, 30% carbs and 20% fat method. Go figure – I did fine on carbs and fats but needed more protein. I’m going to have to do two chicken breasts at each meal! I will say I was only hungry once during the whole thing and didn’t crave the carby snacks in the pantry too much.

The workout was not as bad as I thought it would be. This was chest and back. While all of my pushups were girl ones and all of the pull ups were bands over the bar, I’m still sore 12 hours later. I do feel like I worked out pretty hard core. I haven’t looked to see what I do tomorrow. I believe it’s some type of cardio.

I want to lose 20 pounds + and really want to lose inches and really, really want to be buff. :) My goal is to be reasonable by Christmas when I see the whole family and some friends. OK – so I’m a little vain…

I’m off this week and home with the kids since Aneth is on vacation. Today was not a lazy, stay at home day though. Started with P90X at 5:30, vaccinations for Jack and Tessa at 11, Joyner’s were here at 1:30, gymnastics at 5 and then dealing with a sore and grumpy Tessa for the rest of the night. It was a high intensity day to say the least. Tomorrow is preschool day – first day! I still have to run to Walmart in the morning, after the workout and healthy breakfast and getting everyone ready to go.

Gymnastics for the girls tonight was awesome. The new Jaycie Phelps center is great and I could tell they were training the girls on actual gymnastics moves. Plus, they just happened to be the only two in the class so it was a private lesson! Tessa did say that she didn’t have any fun and was bored. (Although her actions there begged to differ.) I was really impressed with the young girls on the team there that were working out at the same time. They did about 30 minutes of what looked like Ab Ribber X. :)

I really hope I can stick with this – the food prep is going to be the death of me. I have four chicken breasts in the fridge marinating. I’m going to be at the grocery, not my favorite place, three days a week at least!!!!