Monday, May 23, 2011

OK - so I blew it

Here it is May 23rd and I've skipped 5 whole days of blogging. Let me tell you though, this was a much better start than I've ever had before, so we'll leave it at that. We've had an eventful few days and I'll try to sum it up as best I can.

Thursday - the 19th - Andrea's mom had a surprise 30th birthday party for her at the clubhouse with all of the homeowners. She was totally surprised and happy to have everyone there. I went to Bunco Thursday night and had a great time!

Friday - the 20th - Our 11 year anniversary! - We didn't do anything to celebrate today because we had a babysitter for Saturday night. After Tom got done with work, we went up to Fishers to pick up his race packet. We took the kids to Scotty's Lakehouse and split a burger. Their Bison burgers are the best! I told the kids we'd get ice cream afterward to celebrate our anniversary. We went to the yogurt place that is right next door. It was REALLY good! Apparently, it's very healthy and made from all-natural ingredients. You couldn't tell because it tasted yummy and the kids loved it. Jack had been acting just a little off all day - weird diapers and didn't want lunch or frozen yogurt. Well, sure enough, as soon as Tom takes Josie to the bathroom, Jack ralphs all over me. Out of all three kids, this was by far the worst throw-up experience. It just kept coming out! This poor family next to us tried to help and I think the dad held Jack for a while as I attempted to clean things up. What a mess! He seemed fine after that though.

Saturday - the 21st - Tom ran the Geist Half Marathon and the girls and Jack and I went along to watch. I got a great workout by pushing the double stroller (probably 80 pounds) around and wearing Jack on my back. Tom was totally spent after the race and took a while to recover. We went home and I worked on the house to prepare for a showing - our 10th in 10 days! Tom hit the hot tub for more recovery time. After a short visit to Timber Run, we went back home and got ready for our date night. We went downtown and started at Tastings, which is a really cool wine tasting bar. Then, we went to Harry & Izzy's. We shared a few things including the shrimp cocktail and a filet. Just as we were getting the check, I got a call from the sitter. Tessa was now sick. End of date night... :)

Sunday - the 22nd - The Lost Day - I felt funny through the night and early morning, but attributed it to the rich food, wine and worrying about Tessa. She was still getting sick, but I gave her a Zofran from the last time she was sick and suddenly she was a different person! It must have knocked the last bit of nausea away because she seemed great the rest of the day. This was right as Tom and I took a turn for the worst! So, we had two sick parents and three healthy kids. Not a good combo! Actually, Jack took two long naps and the girls were great for not being able to do anything fun all day. I perked back up around 6 but crawled in bed after the girls went down at 7. I was really worried about Tom and dehydration since he was probably already borderline after the race. But, he seemed a little better by night too.

Which brings us to today, Monday, the 23rd. Today has been spent at Walmart, Lysoling and Cloroxing everything in sight and doing mounds of laundry. Nothing is going unwashed or uncleaned. Josie has still managed to escape it all so I'm hopeful that continues. I feel great today and all of the kids seem great too. Tom said he feels a lot better and is talking about mowing tonight, so he must be getting back to normal! At least we were sick this weekend and not over Memorial Day!

OK - that's it for now. No more getting this far behind!

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