Monday, May 9, 2011

Mouths of Babes

So, Tessa has been really testing us with backtalk and copying. I've tried threatening soap and green beans ( somehow that has worked). Today, after gymnastics, she started in again and I said she couldn't have the cookie she wanted. She asked why and I said because girls who say nasty things only get to eat nasty things like green beans. Girls who say sweet things can eat sweet things. She then proceeded to tell me she would chew up the green beans and spit them in my face. Time for something to be done.

We get home and I send her in the bathroom to wait. We don't have any bars of soap so I just got a wash cloth really soapy. I started to scrub her tongue with the cloth could tell that wasn't getting it done. I had to hide a laugh because I could tell it was doing nothing. Then I told her to open her mouth and I shoved the cloth in her mouth and made her bite down on it. That seemed to work a little better.

In any event, she seemed more pleasant after that. I had a meeting tonight but got this text from Tom "Josie asked what tounges are made of. I said some are made from sweet things and others from Nasty things. Tessa said hers was made of boogers. Josie said hers was made of cookies with icing that says "I love you daddy."" I wonder if I made my point? At least with Josie?

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