Thursday, May 12, 2011

Busy Day...So Far

Well, I woke up to a nice email. A local agent in town saw our listing and thinks it may be just the thing for his brother! They're hoping to make it to Greenfield next week sometime to take a look at the house. Then, around 11AM, I got a phone call for our first true showing! They should be arriving around 4:15 and don't have an agent, so I'll be giving them the tour. I know it's really bad to get our hopes up this early, but I am taking all of this as a very good sign. We've been so hesitant to put the house on the market and now as I look back, I'm not really sure why. Although, a few of the things we've done lately have really made a difference.

Tom and I came back after Rotary today and worked on it for about two hours. It was a disaster zone! The nice thing is that now all of the laundry is put away (OK fine it's not all clean, but at least the dirty stuff is in the hamper!), the dishes are done and floors are swept. I even managed to blow all of the junk off of the driveway. And, it's a good thing Tom decided to do some late night mowing the other day. The place looks pretty darned nice!

There is one spot that's bothering me - the fridge. One side has my personal listing pet peeve - photos and magnets. When I see that in listing photos, I think to myself, man, that agent should really tell those people to clean that up! The second is the top of the fridge. It's not yet been de-cluttered. Maybe I'll tackle that soon. I don't think either thing will make the house not sell, but it is important to have everything in tip top shape!

Wish us luck!

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