Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day!

So happy to be able to spend a little of Mother's Day with my mom this year! This doesn't happen very often, so it made me happy. The girls made some pretty awesome jewelry for me with Jordan and Tom's help. The day could have only been more perfect if I didn't have to wince with every step. Pretty dag-gone sore today - this 800mg of ibuprofen should be helping that, but it is not.

We hit the hot tub during Jack's nap today. While out there, we decided that staying home all day was NOT an option. Getting chocolate milk, snacks and keeping Jack out of everything was just too much for us today. So, we headed to Walmart to buy bikes for the girls! I wanted to get them for Tessa's b-day but didn't think that was fair for Josie to get something so nice for Tessa's b-day.

After hitting up Walmart, we hit the Pennsy Trail. Tessa was a bit timid at first, but did seem to get it. Josie took off and really seemed to love it!

Here are some pics:

We had a great time and it did feel good to get the legs moving again. But, it wasn't good enough to be totally comfortable.

After riding for a bit, we went to Timber Run for a little Mother's Day tea. Normal Sunday night activities ensued and got the kids in bed by 6:30. So tired and ready for bed, but trying to make 9:30 tonight...

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