Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Highs and Lows Today

Well, today brought more rain. I'll tell you, I'm so sick of this stupid rain. It's bringing us all down. By the end of the day, Tom and I were both grumpy. For no good reason. The thought of coming home and wrangling kids sounded horrible so I talked Tom into going to Hamilton Town Center for a little shopping and out to dinner. (I now realize how ridiculous this seems, but at the time it sounded like a good idea.)

So, we picked up the kids and headed north. The kids did awesome and I got a new pair of black dress pants. I just hope they fit since I didn't try them on. They're a fit and size I've worn before, so they should be fine.

We then went to Goodfella's on the way home. Yummy pizza and the kids were so hungry, they tried garlic bread. I know - big accomplishment. But, Tessa did like it so add that to her carb-only diet. Jack entertained the waiters and the girls entertained us. Both girls got a big dough ball to play with and Tessa thought that was awesome. It kept her busy for the whole time we were there. By the end of dinner, Tom said, "I think our family has their mojo back." And, high fives ensued.

I'm considering planning a family trip to the beach. I've done this every year and always change my mind. I'm really thinking of it seriously now though. We asked Josie if she could go anywhere on vacation, where would she go. She said the lake (in Ohio). Close, free and fun, I am now wondering if it is worth the hassle of traveling to Florida. I asked if I told her we were going to the beach, what would she think? She said she would be scared because she's never traveled that far (she has) and that she's afraid she would go to far out in the water. Again, close, free and fun is sounding pretty good. We'll see.

On that same note, Tom found a pop up camper on Craigslist today. This is another thing we seem to talk about every summer. This one does look pretty good and it may change our summer plans. Who knows. If I'm as bored tomorrow as I was today, it may be worth a trip up to Fishers to check it out. (Don't worry - I have plenty to do - I swear it's just the weather.)

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