Friday, June 24, 2011

House is SOLD!

Yep that's right! After 18 showings, 40 days on the market and lots of crazy cleaning, the house is under contract (for 97.8% of list price)! We still have to get through inspections, their house has to close on 7/1 and they have to finalize financing. All of these things, I have been assured by their agent, are not a problem and we should be good to close on 7/15. They want us out by 7/21.

So, this creates a few obvious issues. Since we want to build, we need transitional housing. Originally, we thought, oh no big deal, we'll just stay in an apartment while we build. Now that the time is actually here, that's not sounding appealing AT ALL! I'm not sure how we would do. OK, honestly, we'd be fine. It's a fine backup plan.

However, today, we'll be taking a look at a friend's house that they're working to finish as a flip. It may just work. Double bonus - it's close to Timber Run and it's close to the site we're considering for our new house - in between the two really.

We're also going to walking the home site we're considering today too. Here's a map of the site we're thinking about... (You can zoom in to see it up close.)

View Larger Map

This is the floor plan that is my current favorite. It changes frequently though, so who knows...

This will give us a lot to talk about and think about while we're back in Ohio this week. My goal is to determine where we'll be living in the interim and then get to a 90% decision on the lot we're going to buy. Then, when we get back, we can put in an offer on the lot (contingent on our house actually closing). Also while we're gone, I'm going to be working on what goes in storage, what gets sold (yes, I'm going to plan a garage sale in the middle of all this), and what goes to the new interim spot.

And, then there's the issue of Josie and kindergarden. Poor girl is so excited to go to Eden and even knows her teacher's name. (Now, I haven't told her that teachers have been moved around anyway, but that's not important now.) I think after the buyer's house closes and we get inspection taken care of, we'll share the news with the kids and start talking about the new school, which is Mt. Comfort Elementary. I need to call the school and see if we can get her in school even though we won't be in the district at the first of the year and what we need to do to get that going.

I've started a new notebook for all of this. Someday, I'll blog about my notebook system, which is awesome. Well, I think so anyway. Usually, I do everything in one notebook, but I think the sale, move, build, etc. deserves it's own.

Turbo Fire Inferno Plan - Day Four and Five Review

OK so I'll have to try the Inferno Plan again. :) We got an offer on our house on Wednesday and I got the call right in the middle of the workout. I did finish, but we went out to dinner that night to talk about things. (Plus, we had another showing.) I was going to be good and just eat the chicken and veggies out of the fajitas. But, alas, I cannot resist the chips and Mexican beer. Trust me when I say that I needed both and both were highly appreciated. Then, yesterday was an insane day and we didn't get home until 9 and still had so much to do. So, no workout. :(

But, the good news is, I now have a quick and relatively easy plan to lose a few pounds. Plus, I love the workouts. I'll be doing Turbo Fire for sure, but maybe not until we get settled in the new place (wherever that may be).

Bottom line - I lost six pounds in five days and probably an inch or two off my waist. I'll take it. :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Turbo Fire Inferno Plan - Day Three Review

I'm more than half-way through! I love that this is just a five day kick start program. And, I love that I've lost six pounds in 2 days. It's a great way to get quick pounds gained off quickly and then some. I'm only 1/2 pound from my very most recent low achieved with Insanity. And, that number was a brief (one day) occurrence. :) I know it is so much more diet than it is exercise. But, the exercise is sure keeping the calorie deficit smokin'!

Today was Fire EZ55 again and this time I did not do New to Class. I was able to keep up with things very well as evidenced by my 493 calorie burn. Not bad for 53 minutes.

And, I had the absolute, hands-down, best diet lunch ever today. A baked potato, a piece of low fat co-jack cheese (I put it on when the potato was really hot so it got all melty), a piece of turkey bacon crumbled up and a little low-fat sour cream. OMG - it was so good! Today's diet seems a bit heavy in the carb department. I skipped the cottage cheese and pineapple rings this morning for breakfast and substituted two eggs, one egg white and two pieces of turkey bacon. Then, the potato for lunch and then a whole wheat tortilla and quinoa for dinner. (Just reread this - there is other stuff on the menu for today, I just listed the carbs). I can use it though because I can certainly feel my energy levels sinking a bit.

Signing off for now. VBS is making for late nights and the girls are due home any moment!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Turbo Fire Inferno Plan - Day Two Review

Day two was a little more of the same as day one. I'm still hungry, although not as bad as yesterday. That may be because I cheated and had a glass (ok two) of wine and a piece of sugar free chocolate. I realized today that I am constantly on the verge of hunger. Just really close and then it's time to eat. Then, I eat enough to just curb that hunger. 

I've been grumpy today. Grumpy with the kids and grumpy just in general. Hence, the wine. I think part of it is the lack of calories, but probably more likely the lack of carbs. I've been snapping at the kids and generally unmotivated. Anytime I tried to get something done today, it just didn't happen. 

Which brings me to the workout - it was supposed to be Fire 45, HIIT 20 and Stretch 10. I didn't get to the stretch because the kids were wearing me down with requests. The Fire 45 and HIIT 20 took an hour and 20 minutes which is tough to carve out in a day. Should have been 65 minutes but I did the new to class option again. I did the workout in the kitchen on the laptop but the kids still just needed stuff all.the.time. I burned a whopping 625 calories though and only ate 1200. 

This morning, I lost 4 pounds. I'm hoping for another pound tomorrow. However, due to delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), I'm thinking I may actually gain a pound. That will be a hard pill to swallow since I've been on such a strict diet. But, I just have to remember...5 days...that's it and I can do whatever I want after that. :) 

Nothing Says Monday Like...

8:55 AM dentist appointments! Both girls did great - no cavities. I'm still amazed at how well they sit there and let the hygienist work on their teeth. Josie even got a flouride treatment.

And, I've had two calls this morning for more house showings - one tonight and one tomorrow night. That makes number 16 & 17. Crazy if you ask me! The one tomorrow sounds pretty promising. They've already sold their house and have to make a decision fast. The agent asked me how fast we can be out. Well, that depends on the right offer. :) It's so funny to me that our lives could be turned upside down with a simple email or fax. Put us right into hyper-motion with the move and finding a place to live. Oh well. We've gone through worse. I'm really trying to see it as an adventure and not a stressful time.

Finally, I hit the scale this morning and was down a whopping four pounds!!!! As I mentioned last night, I knew I had some "junk" weight I had gained from bad decisions. I'm now back down to where I probably was last week, which is a good starting point for me. Ideally, I'd like to lose three more pounds this week to put me in a new 10's place. Plus, that would be my new, post-Jack low. Today's number puts me six pounds lower than where I was BEFORE I got pregnant with him. Then, I'd like to lose another 10 doing TurboFire. That would put me five pounds lower than pre-Josie. Honestly, I know it's attainable, but it's going to be a lot of work. More work on the diet than on the exercise. One of the things in the TurboFire book says, "The best exercise to achieve awesome abs is walking. Walking AWAY from the kitchen!"

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Turbo Fire Inferno Plan - Day One Review

Today was the day. No more putting it off. I ordered Turbo Fire last week and was thinking of trying the "Inferno Plan" during this week before we went off to Ohio for vacation. The claim is you may lose up to 10 pounds and 10 inches in 5 days. I'm at a high weight in the last few days due to too many bad decisions.  I know a lot of it is just junk weight and would be gone with making better decisions over a week or two anyway, so I expect to at least lose 5 pounds by extreme diet and exercise. As much as I read and know that weight is not to be the true measurement of fitness, I can't get away from that number on the scale.

The concept is very simple. 1200 calories and 55-75 minutes of hard core cardio for 5 days straight. The 1200 calories is very similar to the P90X Phase I diet. When I did that, I essentially only had one serving of complex carbs (brown rice, whole wheat bread, etc.) a day. The calories break down like this:

50% of calories from protein (4 calories per gram of protein)
30% of calories from carbohydrates (4 calories per gram of carb)
20% of calories from fat (9 calories per gram of fat)

The big difference in the Inferno Plan is the LOW amount of calories. When I did P90X, I was up to 2400 calories. This is half. And, I feel it. It's 9:13 and I'm hungry. Not just craving a certain thing. Just hungry. The only thing that's getting me through is knowing I only have to do this until Friday. I can see why you're not to stick with this longer than 5 days. Really, it means you're netting about 500 calories for the day. My heart rate monitor said I burned 700 doing the workout. The regular plan does not have this much of a deficit, so it should be easier to maintain.

About that workout - wow - it was awesome! I did the Fire EZ 55 class and chose new to class. This is great because she walks you through all of the routines slowly before you have to tackle them in the high cardio section where they're going 100 mph. However, I do feel like I got it going through it just once. So, next time, I'll do just the regular class. It flew by even though it ended up taking 90 minutes instead of 55 since Jack wasn't really cooperating. The high pace and high energy routines just don't stop but they're changed up so much you don't get bored. Just as I thought a routine was getting old, it was time to change.

So, overall, it was a good first day. I'd like about another 500 calories but I can see how this will certainly work. I figure I'll lose 5 pounds just in order to gain it back over our vacation. Better to be starting low though!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer

Yesterday marked the first time this summer for a family campfire. Our plan was to put Jack to bed then let the girls roast marshmallows. Then, Tom and I were going to grill burgers and have a relaxing evening. The girls stole the show though and kept us out there until well after 9. They were telling ghost stories and really cracking us up. Here's a short video of Tessa's story. If you listen closely, you can tell Josie is feeding Tessa parts of the story.

Later, after everyone told a story, Tom started a story with one sentence and we went around the fire adding a sentence. We were both surprised at how well they did! They added vampires, werewolves and zombies and did quite a nice job of talking in a spooky voice and using spooky hand motions. Must be all the Scooby Doo. :)

Today, I took the girls to a make-up gymnastics class. Not sure I've mentioned this before, but they're taking lessons at JPAC - Jaycie Phelps Athletic Center. Jaycie was a member of the 1996 US Olympic Team that won gold. Anyway, they go once a week and I'm amazed at how far they have come in the last year. I was able to pay close attention today since I didn't have Jack to wrangle. Josie almost has a cartwheel mastered and Tessa has great pointed toes. Here's Josie going right up into a bridge.

We went to Kohl's to shop for Father's Day and then came home for quiet time. Tom worked on cleaning out the garage while I napped (the kids didn't). We did manage to catch Jack on video taking a few wobbly steps finally. He's starting to really take off. He's still a bit uncertain, but is starting to let go and walk places rather than drop to his hands and knees to crawl.

Finally, I headed out to Walmart to collect things for my 5 Day Inferno Plan on TurboFire. I still haven't decided if I'm starting tomorrow or Monday. I'm leaning toward starting the exercise portion tomorrow and then the diet on Monday. That means Friday I'll just have to stick to the diet and no exercise which will be good since we're traveling. I'm thinking it will be a good way to try out the program and lose a few pounds before vacation. Then, when we get back, I can do the full program (after probably gaining it all back). It is vacation after all!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Day of Accomplishment

As the clock struck noon today, I had a moment of anxiety. What had I gotten myself into!?!? Jack was waking up from his extra long morning nap, which usually means no afternoon nap. I had destroyed the toy room and had only begun to put it back together. The kitchen table was stacked with trash and garage sale items from the toy room clean out along with two full, unfolded laundry baskets and bags of trash from the toy room. No one had eaten lunch and I had already begun to clean out books from the girls' room too. And, to top it off, we had a showing scheduled for 7PM.

Well, that showing certainly kept me on task. I quickly finished whipping the toy room into shape complete with labeled bins and a place for everything. I'm hoping now that there are fewer toys and more space and a place for things, the girls will be able to help keep it clean. Plus, when they can see their toys, they tend to play with them more.

I managed to sort all of their books, go through Jack's clothes, finish and put away five loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen (go Shark Steam Mop!) and go through an old toy bin in Jack's room all before Tom got home. And, of course, go through the massive amount of toys in the toy room along with making quite a pile for a garage sale.

Once Tom was home, he hopped on the mower and I stuck Jack in the exersaucer with a pretzel rod while I trimmed and then blew away all the grass off the driveway and sidewalks. The house looked like a million bucks! Don't know why, but I have a good feeling about this one. Really no reason at all to feel that way. Either way, I will say, listing this house has kicked me into gear. I've cleared out more closets and old hiding spots in the last month than I have since we've lived here. It feels good. I wish we could live like this all the time! (Well, only kind of!)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shopping Spree!

I told myself if I got a lot accomplished at work this week, I could take Friday off to nap. I did get a lot done since Tom was out of the office. All of my filing is caught up and I even tackled a few items that have been on my to-do list for months. So, I headed out on Friday afternoon to grab lunch, hit the bank, then home for my nap. In my four years of working part time, I have never taken time off for something so silly. In fact, I have rarely taken time to do anything other than work while the kids were at the sitters. Talk about Mother's Guilt!

Once I got home though, I started having second thoughts. Why waste a perfectly good afternoon without kids sleeping on the couch. Will it really get me anywhere? Nope. So, off to Hamilton Town Center I went!

First stop - Bed Bath and Beyond. I really went here to look for a portable exersaucer for Jack.

Baby Go Pod

They didn't have them. Instead, I walked out with this...

Shark Steam Mop


Now, on to the clothes. Deals were to be had all around. I got some casual summer things for Jack and I at Old Navy and some bargain work things at Banana Republic. Then, I went to Ann Taylor Loft and found three great shirts on clearance. Finally, I went to Express and found what I really wanted - dressy capris! If I had 30 more minutes, I would have gone to DSW to find a pair of black dressy sandals to go with. But, I had to pick up the kids. Oh well.

Once home, I got online and finally ordered Turbo Fire. I'm anxious to get it. I seem to do so much better  with a plan. This sounds like a lot of fun and under an hour. I've got to get doing something - I feel like a slug.

Today, I found a 40% off coupon code to Puma. That was one thing I wanted to find in Chicago that I never could find - a pair of casual Puma's. So, I went online and got these...

Puma Running Shoes

It's funny how shopping can be rejuvenating, but it really is. Way better than a nap if you ask me!

What a Wonderful Day!

Well, Tom's home so that means it's time to relax a little...from the kids anyway. We had quite the lazy morning this morning. Tom made coffee and muffins while I laid in bed an extra five minutes. (I have no idea why that is such a big deal but it really feels awesome!) Then, his parents came over for a little while on their way back to Ohio.

After relaxing a little on the back porch and enjoying the non-90 degree heat, Tom decided to take Tessa to the Farmer's Market to get Bison for dinner. Well, that was a bust as there were only five vendors. Wonder where the rest of them were? Anyway, they went to Marsh and picked up fancy cheese and burger meat. Meanwhile, Josie watched a show, Jack napped and I stayed on the back porch catching up on the paper and This Old House magazine.

Tom brought home lunch and then I asked if he would power up the power washer. He did. Ahhh.... Pure bliss. The hum of the motor in the background, no whining kids, and the pure glory of seeing progress on something was just wonderful. I cleaned off all of the sidewalks in a very meticulous pattern. Honestly, I'm amazed at how therapuetic the whole experience was. It was just what the doctor ordered after a relatively taxing week.

Here's just a sampling of how beautiful it was... (The center and outside stripes are where I had already gone with the power washer.)

Seriously, it was awesome.

Right now, Tom is out finishing things up. I think he'd had about enough of the kids - I was out there for three hours! I desperately need a shower because of all the crap that sprayed up and because I had to spray serious bug spray as the the black flies were crazy!

Jack had a big day today too. After three days of broken skin, his top left tooth finally popped through. And, he stood up on his own today and Tom said he took 10 steps. So far, he is not only my oldest walker, but also the slowest to get right to it. The girls seemed to just start walking in like 2 days. He's been 2 weeks and is still catching on. I told someone the other day, it's a good thing I didn't keep great baby books because I'd be comparing the kids all the time. (Actually, I just tell myself that to make me feel better.)

Off to clean up and put the kids to bed so we can enjoy our burgers on the grill tonight!

A Day in the Life of a Fishing Widow

Well, day one of the big fishing trip is almost done. And, what a day it was! I actually had a little help with the morning routine because Tom forgot his passport was in the bank safe deposit box. So, they had to wait here until it opened. I spent the morning picking up the house, getting showered and trying to keep Jack out of trouble. :) He skipped his morning nap. And, he took 5 whole steps by himself to me this morning! He's kept it up throughout the day, but no more than that. He's pretty stinking proud of himself too. You can see it in his face when he lets go. It is SO cute! I feel really bad that Tom is missing this. I'm sure he'll still be working on it when he gets back. It's funny because I really thought he would be my earliest walker but he's my latest at 11 months and 1 day. Josie was just a day or two shy of 11 months and Tessa was 10 1/2. Pretty darned close I'd say. I would also say that he is probably my most timid. Josie mastered it in one day. Tessa, I really don't remember, but I feel like it was pretty quick. Jack took two steps the other day and 5 today and I expect 5 at a time for a few more days.

Anyway, we got going in order to get to gymnastics class at 11. It was so nice to have both girls in the same class again! I was able to really watch them and really assess how far they have come. And, they have really come a long way since September. Josie is getting close on cartwheels and they're both doing a great job of listening and trying hard. I'm also amazed at how well they're really pointing their toes! Next week, the classes switch to "Developmental Gymnastics" where they will actually learn a routine and compete against other classes. That oughta be good. :) I can picture Tessa taking off for the foam pit when she's supposed to be doing tip toes on the beam.

On the way to gymnastics, I realized the A/C was out in the Jeep (Tom took the Pathfinder). On a 93 degree day, not good news. Then, at Wendy's, the car just stopped going forward while in drive. Nothing happened when I hit the gas except a slight roll backward. I think it may have shut down because I turned the car off and back on and it was fine. Still, not good. I think I'll switch over to Vic's Kia.

On the way home, Tessa started screaming. She dropped her Frosty upside down on the back floor board. I stopped the car and got out to go around to take care of it and totally biffed it on a gravel drive. I mean fell HARD. My knees are scraped up a little, but really tender and I think may be purple tomorrow. Ouch.

Made it home finally and put the girls in front of a movie, Jack down for a nap and started tackling the hall closet. I almost laid down for a nap instead, but I knew if I did that, I'd be grumpy at the kids for waking me up. So, I ended up getting two closets cleaned that really needed it. Got rid of two trash bags full of trash and about that much again went out to the garage sale pile. Plus, I found some new good things for the girls to play with that are totally new and should help pass some time this week.

Then, we took off to visit Trena and Nicole at Nicole's apartment to go swimming! It was so hot today it felt awesome! The girls had fun and by the time we were done swimming, having a little snack and watching a little Fox and the Hound, it was time to head home for dinner and bed.

It was a full and busy day, which is just how I wanted it. Now, I'm just chilling out with a glass of wine and watching this storm roll in. It seems kind of nasty and really windy. I'm hoping it just skirts Greenfield and doesn't cause any undue nervousness on my part. Plus, Jana was going to come over and I'd like the company.

Tomorrow, Trena and Nicole are coming over sometime and then mom will be here around 2 and Arlene (my other aunt) sometime in the afternoon. No big plans other than dinner and a movie tomorrow night! Bridesmaids! I think it's supposed to be another hot one tomorrow. So, we'll either be inside or out in the pool. :)