Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Goals

Another year has come and gone! And so it's time to reflect on the past year and set up a plan for the coming one. I've gone back through old posts and found my 2014 and 2015 goals. I've copied them here and added my 2016 goals in each category.

Putting these out there make it real and help keep me motivated to know that I will hold myself accountable throughout the year. Here we go! (Previous year goals are the abridged version.)


2014 Goal - 4 half or better runs and beat 1:50.

2014 Actual - I got in all 4 of my half or better runs. I did NOT get under 1:50.

2015 Goals -  5 Half or better races for me this year! I'll still be working toward under 1:50.

2015 Actual - I squeezed in 6 half or better with one clocking in at 1:45:12. It was quite literally an all downhill race, but under 1:50 nonetheless! I had a few right at 1:50 but none others that were under much to my chagrin. 

2016 Goal - 6 half or better races and have a non-downhill race under 1:50. In fact, my stretch goal this year is a sub 1:45 although I know it is indeed a stretch. I only have one race on the books right now so I need to get planning! 


2014 Actuals - All of our Timber Run homes are now under contract and we had 50% more custom home deposits than our goal. Additionally, we purchased lots in a new subdivision and that wasn't really even on our radar for the year.

2015 Goals - If 2014 brought high expectations, 2015's goals are mountainous! By the end the year, we are expecting great things!

2015 Actuals - This year was my favorite year so far in the home building industry! We closed out Timber Run, launched and broke ground on a new subdivision, Summerset, and built more custom homes than any previous year. Also, we purchased and renovated a new building for our offices in downtown Greenfield and have enjoyed our short time there with our great team. 

2016 Goals - Tom and I have an appointment on our calendar to sit down and talk through these goals. I'm excited to see what the new year will bring!


2014 Goal - Read 24 books. 

2014 Actual - Didn't get there. There's always another year. :)

2015 Goal - Read 24 books. That was easy. 

2015 Actual - Finally I did it. Hopefully there will be a follow up post to this with the books that made the list! We will have to see how much time I have on my hands!


2014 Actual -
Lost weight but didn't hit my goal of pre-kid weight.

2015 Goal - Lose the rest.

2015 Actual - I did pretty well here this year, but still didn't hit that number. I did another round of elimiating sugar, and this time with no artificial sweeteners either. That was hard. I did stay off the Diet Coke for the whole year. Although, I will treat myself to a Diet Dr. Pepper every once in a while. I don't think it's a coincidence that cutting out the Diet Coke has led to holding close to my most recent low weight. 

2016 Goals - I'm not sure that "weight" will ever not be a yearly goal. I just love to eat too much and can't ever seem to get the hang of "moderation." So, I always just try to keep things reasonable and find new little tricks to keep me motivated. This year, I was able to actually get under the weight I have listed on my driver's license. In 2016, I want to be five pounds under that number and hold steady there.  I'm not exactly sure how many pounds that is as of this moment, probably 8-10 depending on how bad the holidays play out on the scale. 

New Goals for 2016

I have a couple of new goal categories for the year. I think these will help with my running goals and my weight loss goals. 

Mileage - I've never set a mileage goal for the year nor have I done a great job of tracking mileage. I will do this in 2016. Tom went for 1,000 running miles this year and blew past it! I think it sounds like a fun thing to track. So, in 2016, I will run 1,200 miles which works out to 100 miles per month. This will not be a small task. It works out to about 23 miles a week which would be more than I run when I'm not in a training cycle. I'm hoping this will motivate me to not skip runs and to up my weekly runs from my usual 5 up to 6 and to keep a long run every week. 

Steps - This year, I had over 5,000,000 steps (5,080,909 as of this second). For 2016, I'm going for 5,500,000 which is just over 15,000 a day. This should go hand and hand with the increased mileage goal. 

Pull-ups - Right now, I can do exactly zero pull-ups. I keep saying I want to master at least one but now I've officially put it in writing. My plan is to start with my bands and eventually work up to at least one unassisted this year and maybe even two. It's doable, but I will have to work pretty hard toward achieving it. Upper body has never been one of my strengths! 

There you have it. These are a few areas of focus for me this year. Do I have other plans as well? Sure but these areas are concrete areas of my life in which I can set attainable and measurable goals which is really the whole reason I choose to run in general. It's such a great mechanism for me to set, track and achieve goals as an adult!