Sunday, July 29, 2012


This is the time of year in which I just want to tune it all out. A lot of people get frustrated during election season with all of the negative ads and candidate bashing. I'm not one of those people. I absolutely love it all. I love watching the debates, the commercials, the 24 hour news coverage... all of it. Last time around, Tom and I watched the VP selection with more fervor than most watch the finale of American Idol. Thankfully, we're on the same side of the aisle.

I think what I'm really going to have to do as we get closer though is sign off of Facebook or at least hide a bunch of friends until after the election. Now., don't get me wrong, I completely, 100% believe that we all have a right to our opinion and the right to express that opinion. In fact, that's my favorite part of being an American. But, what happens is that I see people ranting and raving (and occasionally throwing around pretty nasty comments) about my side and our beliefs and that makes me mad. (ok- really, really mad). In fact, it makes me want to post a rant back. And, where does that get me? Not friends with a lot of people. And I'm not talking just in Facebook land either. So, I just sit there and am quiet, which also makes me mad.

I'm a go hard or go home type of person so sitting on the sidelines is tough for me. But, I also understand that speaking my mind gets me no where. So, here I sit. Quiet as a church mouse. But, just so you know, I could snap at any moment and just start ranting and raving with the best of them. For now, I'll just bide my time and wait for November.

(Editing to add: this was not in response to any one posting. Just a general feeling these days!)

Friday, July 27, 2012


I was home with the kiddos today for the first Friday in a long time. I've been on a Tuesday/Friday off routine for some time, but this summer, most of our Friday's have been spent out of town. And, Tuesdays are spent at the library, grocery and doing laundry. So, the free day at home was an exciting prospect for me. And, Tom is working the sales center on Saturday's now, so the kids and I are swinging it solo at home during the day tomorrow too.

I really wanted to tackle some projects since I have a whopping three days at home with nothing planned. I've been making a list of house projects so that when I have free time, I can decide to tackle them. Some are large and require quite a bit of preparation and project time (refinish an armoir, create a craft/gift wrapping station, set up an art area for Tom) and some are small and can easily happen in a day (clean out desk in guest room, organize basement bins, organize bath closet).

So, did I choose any of those projects today? Nope. I was side tracked by a few things. One, some trades were here this morning finishing up some punch out items. So, I tried to keep the kids occupied and entertained with puzzles and coloring. Two, I've been working on a real estate deal for a while now  and was really trying to get it wrapped up today. Three, I started feeling guilty that the kids would be bored (AKA watch way too much TV) while I worked on a project, so I tried to think of something to do with them.

End result? I got a little done but also involved the girls too. (Jack's happy doing whatever the group is doing, plus, most of this was done during naptime.) First, they let me work on their hair. This NEVER happens any more. I kept them sidetracked with the iPad. I'll have to remember that. I did Josie's first and Tessa thought it looked just like Tangled. So, she let me do hers. It was out within minutes of this picture.

During Jack's nap, the girls colored some shirts that Aunt Trena gave them at the lake this year. I think they did a great job. Now, the trick is, they're supposed to wash out and then you can color them again. I think I'll be washing them with the swimming pool towels just in case...

Finally, I've been really trying to get organized for school so it doesn't ransack the house. The girls backpacks are ready to go, the kitchen is stocked for lunches and after-school snacks and I'm (relatively) caught up on laundry. One last thing I want to work on is getting hooks for their backpacks. I just know they'll be dumped where ever and that will drive me nuts. Plus, getting them in the right habit the first week of school will help immensely when the coats and hats are added to the mix. While I didn't get the hooks done today (maybe Sunday), I did do a quick little thing that I think is cute.

I crocheted a long chain (just for thickness) and then cut out two initials for each girl and let them decorate them. I glued those onto clothespins and then attached the chain to the bulletin board. Voila! A cute little way for them to display their favorite school work! (This really came about due to the stainless steel fridge - no magnets!)

All in all, fun day. Tomorrow, I hope to be able to take on some additional, perhaps more functional, projects. If not, oh well...

{Re-reading this before I post and this makes it sound like I did a lot today. It's funny because I really feel like I didn't. But, I did get up early to go to a bust-of-a-barn-sale. It was not worth the extra 30 minutes of sleep. Tom didn't get home until 7 and we just finished dinner at 10PM. So, I guess it was a full day. I also left out the 30 minute cat nap and double espresso shot for the iced latte that I made myself at 4PM.}

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

School Already?!?!

One week from today, we'll be putting two (likely very tired) girls to bed after their first day of school. Due to the new balanced calendar, we start on August 1st. We do get two weeks off in October and possibly two weeks off in March, depending on snow days. I'm not convinced this schedule will suit everyone's needs but we'll go with it. It sure has made the summer go flying by!!!!

Today, I finished up school supply shopping for the girls. Josie's list cracked me up in comparison to Tessa's. Tessa just needs a backpack, school box, 3 glue sticks, a pack of crayons and Elmer's. Josie's list is much more extensive! 5 packs of crayons, 8 glue sticks, 24 pencils, 24 colored pencils, 3 folders and 3 composition books, along with a few other random things. Sounds like they're going to put those first graders to work!! :)

Josie has a new teacher to the district, Mrs. McCleery. She's a little nervous I think because none of her three closest friends are in her class. But, she's excited to be in Mrs. McCleery's first class at Mt. Comfort, just like Mrs. Brown last year.

Speaking of whom, Tessa is in her class this year! I'm thrilled. I've mentioned on here before how much we loved her last year and I'm sure this will be the same. We've already talked about how different the two girls are so it will be interesting to see her take on their differences. I've attached a page out of a coloring book that Tessa did today. I've always been amazed at her coloring/drawing ability, but it's really staring to shine through even more. She's starting to draw really cute faces too thanks to her cousin, Taylor. This one was a watercolor and free hand. I've also added a picture of a drawing her 13 year old cousin, Annabel, posted on Facebook today.(I'm posting on my phone so they're not as organized as usual, but I'm SURE you'll be able to tell the difference.) :) There is an artistic gene in that Joyner family I tell ya!

So, in all, I'm physically ready for school to start but not quite mentally. I'm loving the sleeping-in-relaxed-schedule-ness of summer. But, getting back to routine is always nice too.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Triple the Fun!

So, I may have mentioned that my fantastic brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Joey and Amy, are having triplets. They are due in November and that makes Tom and I the only kid/spouse combo of Barb and Vic (Tom's parent's) without multiples! Andy and Ashley have twins and Katie and Jason have twins too. Though the thought has gone through everyone's mind, I don't think we'll be trying for twins any time soon. :)

I traveled out to Colorado to visit with Joey and Amy, and with Katie and Jason who recently moved there. Ashley, Vic, Barb and Grammy all traveled out too. Katie planned a really nice shower for Amy. I made a few freezer meals and helped Amy sort through the baby stuff she had already received. Ashley went to work on the nursery and decorating it. She left it just as cute as can be! And, of course, I took no before and after pics of the nursery. Oh well.

Amy looked and seemed just great. A triplet pregnancy has got to be difficult on more than one level - emotionally and physically, not to mention all of the nerves that I remember from being a first time parent. Amy seems to be handling it all with a lot of grace and patience. She's doing all the right things to take good care of herself and those precious babies. So proud of her!

I did snap some photos of the shower. Katie thought of doing all of the food triplet themed. (Not pictured - triple decker chicken salad sandwiches.)

And, she ordered sets of three balloons, one blue and two pink. (They're having two girls and a boy.)

Barb also brought out a bunch of her "three" Golden Books - Three Bears, Three Little Pigs, etc for decorations.

Barb & Katie!

The gift table

Amy and her younger sister, Mindy. Doesn't Amy look great!

Barb, with Carly, Amy's sister-in-law in the background.

Grammy and Ashley

Chatting before gifts...

Barb, Katie and Grammy got Amy a double umbrella stroller and a single for when she's out with another adult. I don't think they'll have a problem finding a volunteer to push a stroller. :)

Then, here are a few shots of the little premie hats I made for the kiddos. I used this super easy pattern. I would highly recommend it for an easy, just-getting-started-crocheting pattern. It was great and worked up really fast! (The pictures aren't my favorite. I really want to take a photography class!)

Fun was certainly had by all!

Running Update

I managed to get two runs in over the long weekend I spent in Colorado. My running throughout July has been miserable at best. I can make excuses (like the 100 degree heat, vacations, etc.) but bottom line was just that I didn't try hard enough. I was very discouraged during my first run with Katie out in Colorado because I just felt like crap. Well, worse than crap, but this is a G-Rated blog. I knew it was partly altitude, but I wasn't sure how much.

So, I strapped on the shoes two days later and really felt like a million bucks! I took off on what I was telling myself was a jog/walk. I felt so good that I just kept up the pace and enjoyed myself. I had added a few songs to my play list on the plane and I know that helped. For those wondering, I thought I would share my newest adds and favorite tunes. (I'm partial to perfectly timed beats. It's a product of marching band - my left foot must hit the pavement on beats one and three. It's very, very sad, but very, very true. I prefer songs in the 180-190 beats per minute range.)

Someone Like You - Walk the Earth
Somebody That I Used to Know - Walk the Earth (Really, check these guys out. They're both covers, but awesome covers!)
Soldier - Ingrid Michaelson

Maybe - Ingrid Michaelson
Hit Me Down Sonny - The Ting Tings (My absolute favorite - it gets played at least twice on each run.)
Some Nights - Fun

I'm also very partial to Mat Kearney's Young Love CD, particularly "Hey Mama," "Chasing the Light," "Count on Me," "Down," and "Ships in the Night."

On this particular run, I managed to go 5.5 miles and kept up with a nine minute pace. Plus, I had the mountains in my sights, which couldn't have hurt. 

This was my second and third run in my new shoes and I did a third this week. I really do like them but they are still giving me some blisters. I swear, if I could fix that glitch, I could run a lot farther. I bought the new Women's Saucony ProGrid Guide 5 Running Shoe. I've been wearing the 4's and really loved them, but I thought I would try the 5. Aside from the blisters, which I'm convinced I would get in any shoe, they're great. And, they always make me giggle when I'm running. Why? Well, I listen to music while I run and also have the Map My Run app that speaks to me and tells me my time and pace every half mile. (LOVE this addition to the app!) Lately, I've been running faster and I just attribute it to pushing myself a little harder and running with faster runners. But, a few of the reviews on this shoe claim that it made the runner faster, which I think is a little ridiculous. So, every time I hear the faster pace, I laugh. It's the small things in life, you know?

And, for those of you wondering, I will not be doing a marathon this fall. While I would like to say I don't have time to train, the reality is that I don't choose to spend my time training for something like that. (I find myself using this phrase in my life a lot lately.) I'm really fine with it and realize there may be another time this fits my schedule, but this fall isn't that time. I will be signing up tomorrow for a half in October though. My 12 week training plan will start one week from today!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Busy Summer

I've taken a brief hiatus from blogging - I'm sure you all have missed me. :) One of these days, I'll get back around to it and maybe even get caught up. But, for now, I'm busy with vacations, playing outside, hitting the pool and crazy-busy times at work! Not to mention, the kids go to school in 11 days. Where did our summer go?!?!