Sunday, June 5, 2016

Deep Thoughts at a Country Music Concert

Last night, in the middle of a fantastic Keith Urban concert, a pretty deep thought popped up out of no where. One that was way too deep for the usual country music lyrics. (I mean, really... "Huntin, and fishin' and lovin' everyday?" How do they even write country music? My iPad didn't even want me to type that because of spell check!)

For a big part of the show, this was my view...

Obviously, I took this from an angle to be dramatic...before said deep thought hit me. I didn't stand there like a martyr the whole time. I wiggled around and watched over his shoulder and paid attention to the screen more than anything - not uncommon in such a large concert space. I was having a great time even with the slightly obstructed view.  

About 20 minutes before the concert ended, the couple next to Tom left. And, he slid over a few inches. Suddenly, I could see it all. Right in front of me. Though still far away, clear as could be.

I started thinking about was how one small little deterrent - a few inches - separated me from a straight-on shot of the stage. From a different angle, everything had changed.

What "straight shot" is just a few inches away? What little change needs to occur so that the next big thing is in sight? What problem might be solved with the simplest of answers or a tiny shift in thinking? What small change can be made for a completely new perspective?

At the moment, I'm not trying to solve life's biggest problems. I'm really just getting through the regular days of raising kids to be mature, responsible citizens. I also don't have answers to those questions (and I don't really even have a problem to which to apply them) but I'm sure going to chew on the thought for a while. I'm pretty sure it won't be anything earth shattering but it may just be a good tool in my problem-solving toolbox.