Friday, May 13, 2011

Here we go again...

Another crazy busy day! Preschool and work this morning. I never seem to get everything done Tuesday-Thursday, so I seem to go in every Friday morning too. Signed the girls up for VBS today too. They're so excited! Actually, they're really excited about the free yellow t-shirt. Josie keeps saying she's never had a free t-shirt.

Then, we headed to Nicole's new apartment! (Nicole is my cousin and is moving to town to work for us at Timber Run!) The girls thought it was pretty cool. Tom helped move a few bigger items in and the girls, Jack and I really did nothing but maybe side track them from the moving tasks. I then picked up lunch for everyone (while running things around for a real estate transaction in the middle there). After lunch, we came back home for a little quiet time. Jack took a nap and so did mom. Only about 20 minutes, but it was good catnap. I woke up to a call for a showing. So, I then got the house ready. It was in pretty good shape since we just had one yesterday. After the showing, it was time to get kids dinner and ready for bed. (Tom and Uncle Mike went golfing.) I also put together some more info for the showing tonight and published the house listing site. (

Now, I'm blogging and waiting for laundry to be finished so I can pack for Chicago! Getting very excited! Leaving early in the morning and the weather is supposed to be cold and nasty. So, I'm having a hard time packing and knowing what to wear. Better get on it though! Plan on posting from Chi-Town tomorrow!

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