Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Indianapolis Marathon - Week 4

Two weeks in a row of hitting mileage! Yay! The only workout I skipped was the one mile time trial, which isn't explained in the training literature anyway, so I'm not exactly sure what it is. I suppose I'm to run a mile as fast as I can and then compare times along the way. I did fit in .9 of the mileage in other spots. I'm calling it a win!

Monday - Rest Day
Tuesday - Rest Day (Plan = 4)
Wednesday - 3.3 Miles (Plan = 1)
Thursday - 4 Miles (Plan = 3)
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - 4.3 Miles (Plan = 4)
Sunday - 7.3 Miles (Plan = 7)

Total - 18.9 Miles (Plan = 19)

Again, another confidence building week. Sunday marked the last of my "short" long runs, those that are under 10 miles. This week also marked my last week under 20 miles total.

I have to say overall, I feel pretty good. I wouldn't really expect to feel less than good...yet. Although, I can definitely tell that my body is feeling it. Four weeks of consistent running has made certain joints tired. The backs of my ankles, where they meet my calf are tight and so are the sides of my lower leg. I'm spending extra time stretching those areas. They usually loosen up after I get started, but that is the most noticeable.

My paces have been slow (usually a 10:00 pace or slower), but cardio-wise, I feel like I could run forever. I've been stopped on my runs twice in the last two days to talk to people and can easily just pick up a conversation. Now, if I could just control the sweating. :) I've also been adding in extra hills - my 7 mile run went over the over pass (a hill both ways) and I try to take one day a week and add in repeats of the hills in the neighborhood.

I'm also struggling with boredom. I've been listening to Dr. Joy Browne, my favorite radio psychologist, on a podcast and that has kept it a little interesting. I like hearing about other people's problems. Plus, she has some good advice for a lot of things that apply to everyone. But, I know this attributes to my slower running too.

Another great week and off to a good start this week too. I had a full, very full, day with back-to-school prep and didn't get my list done until 8:15. So, Tom put down the kids and I hit the street. Yet another reason I love training. Without an end goal, I would be typing this from my couch with a glass of wine and wearing my sweats. And, I would be filled with regret. Instead, I'm chugging water, drenched in sweat and proud of myself. :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Indianapolis Marathon - Week 3

I did it! I managed to finish every single workout and every single mile. I'm pretty proud of myself too. :) 

Here are the details...

Monday - Rest - Nailed It! 
Tuesday - 3 miles (morning run) - nothing remarkable here. Nice and easy. 
Wednesday - Rest - Nailed it once again! :)
Thursday - 3 miles (early morning run) - I'm most proud of this workout this week I think. I had to get up before six to squeeze this one in. Busy day so I had to make the decision on Wednesday night to rest up and hit the hay at a reasonable hour. The bugs on the neighborhood trail were AWFUL!!! I think I got 6 horsefly bites! I stayed off the trail and ran "the hill" for the last two miles. 
Friday - Rest Day - you guessed it - perfect 3 out of 3 for rest days. 
Saturday - 4 miles - treadmill run with family time in the basement. I enjoyed the treadmill time and watching the kids dance and play. Also, I was able to jack up the speed a bit since the heat wasn't so bad. 

My view from the treadmill...

Sunday - 9 miles - Done! And under a ten minute pace! My goal is to keep my long, slow runs at about a 9:30 pace in hopes that my race pace will be there or even 9:15. This was about a 9:45 pace which I'll take. Though it was cooler (73), the humidity was sky high! 

Home stretch on the trail! Started at Meridian Road, ran to the end and doubled back to hit the water fountain for an extra mile!

Total - 7/7 days complete = 20 miles! 

I don't hit 20 miles often so I'm very happy although it is a far cry from the 40 in September. This was a confidence building week though. I love the fact that this plan is only four days of running. It does mean that you can't miss a day, but it allows more flexibility in which days to fit a run. 

Case in point...today is Tuesday and I should have run but didn't. I choose instead to stay up until 3am reading Cold Mountain last night. Then, Tessa visited us multiple times during the night thinking she was sick. After a day of school supply and clothes shopping, I was absolutely shot. I'll go tomorrow, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. That means I'll miss a 1 mile time trial on Wednesday. Not exactly sure what that's about anyway, but don't feel too bad about missing it. 

Goals for this week are the same - get in every workout - except for the 1 mile timed (though, I could fit it in on Friday). And, be cognizant of everything I put in my mouth. Lost a pound of the five from vacation last week, but still have a ways to go!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Indianapolis Marathon - Weeks 1 & 2

Well, training week one and two are in the books. I started off this cycle with two weeks worth of misses on mileage. I skipped a run both weeks. They were short runs and in the grand scheme of things, not a big deal. However, it can't continue and I need to step it up a notch. 

Week One called for a 3, 4, 3 and 5 mile run. I skipped the Saturday run but got in an extra half mile through the other two weekly runs. I know. Big deal. This was our vacation week and usually I start strong on vacation and then fizzle out. So, missing a day isn't too awfully bad. 

Week two called for a 3, 3, 4 and 7. I skipped the 4. Somehow, a 13 mile week while training for a marathon seems worthless. I've chosen the positive attitude however and viewed these weeks as my warm up weeks. Really, they've only called for 15 and 17 miles which isn't anything crazy. Especially compared to the 40 mile week in September. 

This week, my goal is to get in all of the runs. I knocked out the first three miles this morning. This goal means I've got to hit the road before work in the morning. With 90 degree temps and super high humidity, afternoon and evening running is just out. Thursday and Saturday are both 4 miles and then Sunday starts the real long runs - 9 miles. I've been trying to spend one day on hills too so I'm thinking Thursday this week. The race in October is fairly hilly so I'm trying to prepare the legs and the lungs. 

I can't say I've felt great about my running these two weeks. I've not had a lot of confidence building moments. My times have been painfully slow and my lungs aren't participating like I think they should. In fact, 26.2 seems pretty undoable most times. But, I know I can finish. It's just how fast. 

My secondary goal is to watch and track what I'm eating this week. Since vacation, I've gained 5 pounds. Yikes. That is exactly the opposite of what I need. I know with weight loss comes time loss. I read somewhere the exact calculation - something like with every x pounds you lose, you'll shave y seconds off per mile. I need all the help I can get on both counts. So, it's time to start eating like a marathoner and not a couch potato. :)

Here's to a great week!

~after my run this morning - 8:30 and 80% humidity!!!!~

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Perfect Weekend at Home!

Another fun weekend at home! This really doesn't happen very often and it is even more rare that we actually stay home. (Last one was Memorial Day and it was memorable enough to blog about too!) The thought crossed my mind to hit Conner Prairie today, but was overruled by sticking around home and I am happy we did. Here's a rundown!

Friday was my day out of the office this week. I have worked hard to only work three days a week this summer, but since we just returned from vacation, I worked four this week. On my day off, we hit the library, Walmart and just hung out around the house. The kids did a little bike riding too. Jack is really getting the hang of riding his bike.

I ran Friday night once Tom came home. I decided to run hill repeats to add in some variety. I signed up for the October Indianapolis Marathon (more running posts to come) and it is a hilly one. Maybe if I do hills specifically once a week, I'll be prepared. 

Tom ran out for dinner fixings and I hit the back porch with a glass of wine and Runner's World. This was a perfect way to end quite a stressful and busy week!

Somewhere along the way, Josie lost her second front tooth! She lost the first one a few days ago and then the second one started looking really bad. It was almost totally sideways! It finally came out after days of wiggling. You can tell she's having a really hard time talking with them gone!

Here is the progression of tooth photos!

Saturday morning, the girls had their second gymnastics' camp. They have a fun time going to these but have to be convinced to actually go. Tom, Jack and I hit up the Sweet Shop for donuts and took them north to the Beckenholdt Park. This place is truly a hidden gem and I always forget about it. I need to go up there to run someday. Jack had a great time being an only child and was very cuddly! He also stopped to pose for a few photos. We need to take the "good" camera up there with the close up lens one of these days.

Then, we took Jack to his favorite store, Home Depot. We gathered supplies for our weekend projects and then picked up the girls. The rest of the day consisted of lots of projects, snow cones for the kids and a two hour nap for me! Tom worked on the garage, laundry shelves and the grill. I worked on the craft cupboard and junk drawer. I had to take another trip to Walmart and Home Depot to finish gathering supplies at one point.

We did venture out to the Fortville Bastille Day celebration. It was a really cute little small town festival. I felt like I was in the movies! Unfortunately, the kids weren't in the best mood but it was a nice distraction. Tom finished out the day at the neighbor's fire and I finished it out in bed with a book!

Today, I didn't wake up until 10! I thought for sure I wouldn't sleep well after my long nap yesterday but I was wrong. I seriously had a rough and stressful week and did not sleep well at all. Now, I think I'm all caught up and ready to go. Tessa was the first of the kids to wake up at 9, so I guess I'm not the only one!

Today was spent finishing up projects. Tom fit in a 3 mile run with Josie on her bike and I went out for 7. It was a very long, very slow and very hot 7 miles, but I did it. I planned to run this evening but went out at 12:30 instead to just get it done. We also took the kids to the neighbor's pool and Tom took Josie fishing which included setting a trap for minnows and then a creek walk. They're still gone at 7PM. :) 

Here is a photo synopsis of our projects this weekend. I wish I had taken "before" photos! It was a successful weekend! :)

New shelves and bins in the laundry room!

Which allowed me to clear off the top of the dryer. :) 

And, the top and side of the freezer. One project we didn't finish? Repainting the enamel top table to the right of the freezer. We have the paint and big plans. :) 

One of these days, I really want to paint the laundry room some funky colors, get some cool decor and really finish it up. For now, at least it's organized!

Speaking of laundry, I managed to get it all done and it will be put away before bedtime - 
I will demand it!

Here are some shots of the garage. Again, I wish I had "before" shots.

My happiest spot I was able to organize is the craft cupboard. I unloaded the girls' backpacks (finally!) and pitched all of the broken crayons and eraser-less pencils. I organized and labeled school boxes and sharpened more pencils. Unfortunately, school starts all too soon and I wanted to make sure I was ready for homework and projects. I think I'm good! I also managed to pass along a bunch of coloring books and workbooks that the girls have outgrown. (This is a bad photo, but trust me, it looks awesome!)

Right above this cabinet is the junk drawer. I spent a little money on organizers and I'm pretty happy with the resulting junk drawer. 

One area that I did not make it to this weekend is the girls' school papers. I wanted the girls to work on their summer packets but we couldn't find Tessa's. So, right now, all of their stuff is on the guest room bed. I guess I have this week's project!

All in all? A great weekend. We needed it. As I've said, it was a stressful week after vacation and I'm sure next week will be no different. Or, maybe it will be better. I hope so. I am very happy for the weekend respite from the crazy weekday grind.