Friday, February 28, 2014


I had a thought today as I was perusing Facebook and all of the reports of impending 6-10 inches of snow for the weekend. It's been a long winter. Like really long. This is our winter of '78. This is the "when I was kid" winter for our kids.

I realized that this winter reminds me so much of the ninth month of pregnancy. You can't wait for it to get there and then you can't wait until it's over. It's the longest month of your life. It's full of pain and uncomfortableness. It makes you want to sleep and eat all the time. It makes you grumpy. 

And then spring comes. Birth. And all of hardships of the last month seems to have disappear. New buds and babies and blue skies are here along with new challenges. Severe weather. Late frosts for the crops. Droughts. Sleepless nights. Fussy babies. And just a piece of you wants to go back and curl up in front of the fireplace - shut in and out from the world and having a million understandable excuses for not leaving the house. 

Time passes faster in the spring and you have a new fear of missing out. Missing firsts like rolling over, or new foods, missing blue sky days when you have to work, missing the thunder storms when they come at night and you can't watch them roll in and the skies change. You want to soak it all in because you know that soon it will be gone with the weighty heat of the summer humidity and we will all retreat to all cool homes for reprieve. 

Both seasons are important and anticipated. And both should be welcomed and enjoyed. And both need to pass. This weekend, I'm going to do my best to enjoy the (certainly?!) last snow of the year like I would the last rolls and pokes in my belly; knowing I'll be longing for it later. The glaring difference between winter and pregnancy is that winter is guaranteed to visit every year, unlike pregnancy which is guaranteed, thankfully, to not. That in itself is bittersweet. 

Here's to enjoying the season.

Critz Tybee Run Fest - Part Three - Home Again

(You can start here with Part One.)

Sunday was a beautiful day! We packed up our stuff and headed out of the house and to the beach! It certainly wasn't warm enough for swimming or tanning, but it felt glorious compared to our freezing temperatures at home. We took lots of pictures to remember that feeling!

We had to tear ourselves away from the beach and head to the airport. Very quickly we went from the photo on the left to the photo on the right. 

Reentry to real life was tough on all of us. And, the fact that we had to majorly scrape the ice off our cars from the storm the night before didn't help. But, we had a wonderful trip and wouldn't have traded it for anything! On the plane ride home, we were already planning next year's getaway! 

Thanks for the great trip girls! I'll leave you with something that one of us said about a trip like this. 

Critz Tybee Run Fest - Part Two - Race Day!

(You can start on Part One if you'd like!)

Woke up to some crummy weather news on Saturday. Rain was already steadily falling.

And, not just rain, but then they started calling for thunderstorms too.

49 and raining is not pleasant and feels cold. I know this because it's just too close to the race in October which was 45 and raining. We bundled up the best we could and had a quick breakfast. The half had a later start because one of the other races started first. We tried to stay home as long as we could since it was pouring. 

Before leaving on the trip, I went to get a once in forever manicure - even though my nails were really short! I had them done to match the shirt I was going to wear which coincidentally also matched my socks and my watch. When it comes to running gear, it is possible I go slightly overboard on the purple. 

Turns out, no one ever saw my purple shirt because I ran the whole thing with my jacket. Which, by the way, was a Christmas gift from Tom and I absolutely love it! One of those things I would never buy myself but I'm so glad to have. 

When we arrived at the start line, they told us the start would be delayed since the first race was delayed due to the storms. (If you ran all of the races they had that weekend, you would run a full marathon.) We took the opportunity to take a few photos. (Forgive the lighting - it was really a nasty day!)

We got started just a few minutes behind schedule. It was a fairly crowded start considering it was a small race. I'm not going to recap this one because it's just been too long to remember! All I know is that it was one of my worst feeling races and if Claudia hadn't been there to push me and my friends hadn't been there to cheer me on, I'm not sure I would have broken 2 hours. The first part of the race felt OK, but it started going downhill around mile 5 or 6 when the torrential rain started in. At one point, I thought I was going to lose my breakfast which is a first too. All in all, not a great race, but I will say that I gave it what I had and came out with a great time that I would have been very proud of just 9 months ago so I won't beat myself up about it.

Enough with the negativity! We had some great cheerleaders along the way! At one stop, Claudia even did a cartwheel for the crowd. :)

Finally, it was over! I passed by the stand passing out cups of PBR to round the corner for the final 0.1. If I look happy, it's because I was! I love races that end by turning onto the last little section on a straightaway.

All done!

I wish I could say that the weather improved, but it did not. Rainy and cool rounded out the day. After showers and lunch, we went to the lighthouse area in Tybee to find the local art show. We went into the little shop there and went to the beach as well. The gray skies weren't helping though! We decided to come back the next day for better pictures in hopes the sun would be out. But, just in case, we snapped a few photos.

Along the way though, I did find this cute little beach cottage that was for sale. 

Then, back to Savannah we went! We did a little more shopping and found Byrd's Cookies. At first, we were a little confused but then figured out that the cookie bar was all about sampling their selections! Yummo! They're little biscuit-y type cookies and they had a handful of different flavors, both sweet and savory. Most of us bought some for our kids... or maybe for ourselves! 

We also did a little shopping the Paula Deen gift shop which was full of butter related gifts! We settled in for an early dinner there at Lady & Sons which was good southern cooking. I'm just glad I had run 13 miles earlier to get some of it burned off! 

Home again to settle in for the night after another great day! 

Critz Tybee Run Fest - Part One - Pre-Race

Better late than never! Only a month out, but trying to get caught up!

Fun fun fun weekend! Spending the weekend in Tybee/Savannah with a group of girlfriends is something I would highly recommend! Not to mention the wonderful crowd support on the course. No PR for me, but happy with a second best anyway. I'm really surprised I did that well even - it was not my best feeling race. Not at all.

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and went straight to the house. Atlanta had serious weather issues and our flight was the first out of Atlanta to Savannah and people cheered when the plane took off! I won't even get into the fun that we had with the scavenger hunt that was planned. Seriously, so fun. If you ever want to do something like this, let me know and I'll send you the list because it really made the trip there a blast. Just as an example, here's a photo of something required...

I loved the Savannah airport. Just made you feel like you were in the south!

On the drive to Tybee, we went through Savannah and caught a glimpse of what we would see the next day. Love the trees! 

We got the house and, if it wasn't so cold, we would have spent some more time on our upper deck.

Friday night, we went out to Sting Ray's in Tybee. It's a cute little bar/restaurant in Tybee and I had the best grilled fish tacos ever! Yum!

The next morning, Claudia and I decided to run to the expo at the YMCA. We found this cute little garden when we arrived. Yes, a garden in January - even though it was covered for the recent frost, we loved seeing the green!

We decided to run a little more. We ended up on a 6 mile run. Oops. I have to say I really enjoyed it though. Definitely enjoyed it more than the race the next day! We caught some glimpses of the beach and this cool anchor from a boat from the 1800's that recovered off the coast.

After some showers, we went into Savannah. We landed around the City Market and hit up a few art shops. We came across Vinnie a Go Go's for pizza. Great find. We went for the spinach, tomato and feta pizza. Delish.

After lunch, we putzed around town. Scouted out Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) and the various squares around town. If you're ever visiting, make sure to stop at the SCAD art store to check out various pieces for sale by students and alumni. It's not just traditional "art" either but a lot of jewelry and textiles too.

We had a great day for exploring with 50-60 degree temps and sunshine. Loved this town...

The architecture and level of restoration was amazing.

We walked all the way down through the streets until arriving at Forsythe Square which is a large park that was just beautiful. We did have to avoid the 100 middle schoolers that were just released from a school bus as we arrived! 

On our way back toward the river, we came across the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. 

We went inside for a little peek.

After walking through the historic district, we went down to the river. It was neat down there too with candy shops with fantastically delicious praline samples! 

After a beautiful, blue-skied, warm-weather day of exploring town, we headed back to Tybee for some spaghetti and Milli Vanilli Pandora. Don't judge.