Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Late Nights at the Joyners

Tonight was the second night in a row I've gotten home after 9PM. This doesn't happen often but when it does, it seems like it comes in streaks. This week is one such streak. Monday night - Rotary meeting, Tuesday night - Rotary meeting, Wednesday night - Tessa Parent Night, Thursday night - Preschool Board Meeting. By Friday, I'll be ready for some family time again!!!!

On my way home tonight, I saw the farmers out in the fields with tractor lights on. I tried to call Tom a few times, but couldn't get him. When I got home, I smelled fresh cut grass and thought that maybe the tractors were out in our fields. Nope. Tom's out on the mower, cutting down the back and east 40, as we call it. Pitch black. He's still out there. 9:32 PM. Life is not boring around here!

The kids took their first trip to the playground tonight - without me. :( Tom did say they had a blast! It's been the first batch of good weather. They were tired though. Tessa didn't even wake up to when I went up to give her a kiss, which is unusual. Now, we're hitting the couch for a short while...

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  1. Hi Sara! Your life sounds a lot like mine!! Hope you, Tom and the kids are doing great. Thanks for including me in your blog list. What a nice surprise!