Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Long Days

I'm worn out. Really worn out. Nine house showings in eight days means that the house has to stay perpetually clean. Needless to say, with three kids, and being a clutter prone mother, this is more than difficult. The junk is beginning to spread to my car, as if it wasn't already bad.

I've been extra emotional today too because it's the last day of school and everyone us just growing up to dang fast. I've teared up top many times today.

We had a closing today which is always awesome and another should happen by the end of the week. So, my work week has been consumed by that and showings. I swear I could work 50 hours a week. Actually, I probably do just not in the office I guess.

Enough complaining. Looks like the weather is picking back up this weekend! And, with the girls done with school, it will really feel like a long weekend. I'll do a separate post on the Pre-K graduation tomorrow when I have my computer.

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