Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Fishing Widow

Well, day one of the big fishing trip is almost done. And, what a day it was! I actually had a little help with the morning routine because Tom forgot his passport was in the bank safe deposit box. So, they had to wait here until it opened. I spent the morning picking up the house, getting showered and trying to keep Jack out of trouble. :) He skipped his morning nap. And, he took 5 whole steps by himself to me this morning! He's kept it up throughout the day, but no more than that. He's pretty stinking proud of himself too. You can see it in his face when he lets go. It is SO cute! I feel really bad that Tom is missing this. I'm sure he'll still be working on it when he gets back. It's funny because I really thought he would be my earliest walker but he's my latest at 11 months and 1 day. Josie was just a day or two shy of 11 months and Tessa was 10 1/2. Pretty darned close I'd say. I would also say that he is probably my most timid. Josie mastered it in one day. Tessa, I really don't remember, but I feel like it was pretty quick. Jack took two steps the other day and 5 today and I expect 5 at a time for a few more days.

Anyway, we got going in order to get to gymnastics class at 11. It was so nice to have both girls in the same class again! I was able to really watch them and really assess how far they have come. And, they have really come a long way since September. Josie is getting close on cartwheels and they're both doing a great job of listening and trying hard. I'm also amazed at how well they're really pointing their toes! Next week, the classes switch to "Developmental Gymnastics" where they will actually learn a routine and compete against other classes. That oughta be good. :) I can picture Tessa taking off for the foam pit when she's supposed to be doing tip toes on the beam.

On the way to gymnastics, I realized the A/C was out in the Jeep (Tom took the Pathfinder). On a 93 degree day, not good news. Then, at Wendy's, the car just stopped going forward while in drive. Nothing happened when I hit the gas except a slight roll backward. I think it may have shut down because I turned the car off and back on and it was fine. Still, not good. I think I'll switch over to Vic's Kia.

On the way home, Tessa started screaming. She dropped her Frosty upside down on the back floor board. I stopped the car and got out to go around to take care of it and totally biffed it on a gravel drive. I mean fell HARD. My knees are scraped up a little, but really tender and I think may be purple tomorrow. Ouch.

Made it home finally and put the girls in front of a movie, Jack down for a nap and started tackling the hall closet. I almost laid down for a nap instead, but I knew if I did that, I'd be grumpy at the kids for waking me up. So, I ended up getting two closets cleaned that really needed it. Got rid of two trash bags full of trash and about that much again went out to the garage sale pile. Plus, I found some new good things for the girls to play with that are totally new and should help pass some time this week.

Then, we took off to visit Trena and Nicole at Nicole's apartment to go swimming! It was so hot today it felt awesome! The girls had fun and by the time we were done swimming, having a little snack and watching a little Fox and the Hound, it was time to head home for dinner and bed.

It was a full and busy day, which is just how I wanted it. Now, I'm just chilling out with a glass of wine and watching this storm roll in. It seems kind of nasty and really windy. I'm hoping it just skirts Greenfield and doesn't cause any undue nervousness on my part. Plus, Jana was going to come over and I'd like the company.

Tomorrow, Trena and Nicole are coming over sometime and then mom will be here around 2 and Arlene (my other aunt) sometime in the afternoon. No big plans other than dinner and a movie tomorrow night! Bridesmaids! I think it's supposed to be another hot one tomorrow. So, we'll either be inside or out in the pool. :)

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