Thursday, May 5, 2011

Slacker Post Yesterday = Mega Post(s) Today

So, I decided that the reason I was not in the mood to post last night is because I've never been much of a writer. Plus, there's only so much of my life that would actually be interesting to other people. So, today, I decided to take a few pictures of my activities so that I could share in photos. Photos are always more fun right?

Today, Tom also helped me get my act in gear and finally get the bins out for our "mud room" bench. I've been dreaming of this moment for a year. (OK - slight exagerration but I have wanted bins here instead of the usual flurry of coats, bags, mittens, etc.) I bought the bins at Target on Monday, but haven't had the time to clear off the bench and put them out. Tom cleared off the bench. Good start even if it means a little more work later.

Here is the finished product. Not quite the impact I was hoping for but neater nonetheless. (Side note: this is my great-grandparents trunk.)

We managed to get the house put together and get out of the house by about 8:30 which is good for us. I had a hair appointment. When we were in Mexico, we found a spread in Cosmo that had a model with hair that looked like it would work for me. So, today, I went for it and chopped it off! Here is a pic of the magazine:

I've never taken a photo into the stylist before but I think she did a pretty good job! I can tell the model has a lot more "product" in her hair. I plan on playing with it Next time, I'm going for the full blown blond too. Why not?! 

I managed to get a lot done at work today which is good since it's my Friday. And, Tom won the Cinco de Mayo gift at Rotary today! So, I'm sitting here with a Dos Equis and tortilla chips and salsa to end the night. Oh yeah, with Tom making Morel Mushroom Risotto in the kitchen. Quite the combo. :)

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