Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh and another thing

Tessa filled the toilet with a full roll of toilet paper and didn't flush (thank goodness.) And left the water running before we left for gymnastics. Tom found both surprises when he got home. He made Tessa pick it out with her bare hands. Good punishment.

And, on a related note, Tessa started saying "Stop freakin out" over and over again at gymnastics. Thanks Tangled. The lady behind me offered me soap for her mouth. That actually made her stop.

And, Tessa has taken to copying what you say. It's really starting to irritate Josie (and me).

The final note on the subject of Tessa is her little scratchy voice. She's been that way forever and always sounds like she's just getting over a cold. This weekend, she sounded even a little worse which made Tom and I realize it's time to get her seen by and ear, nose and throat specialist. So, we're doing that next Thursday. Not really sure what to expect or what they'll be able to tell just by looking in her mouth. I guess we'll find out.

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