Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanks Given - Day Twenty Three

Missed another post. Here's what yesterday would have looked like...

Today, I am thankful for having stores to provide for my every want, need and desire. I get to do things like cook, bake and crochet for fun and not for sustenance. I'm sure I could live off the land if I had to, but I sure don't want to. So, I'm happy that I can go into Target and buy clothes for my kids without having to buy the fabric and sew them together or buy pre-sliced deli meat and not have to smoke the pig first. Even 100 years ago, this would likely have not been the case.

We took the kids to the Works again today and watched the artisans in their shops dipping candles, working the general store and weaving on the loom. The girls do not look very impressed with watching the candle making, but they did seem to enjoy everything else. Candle making is a little slow going...

While I can get nostalgic for a simpler time, I am thankful for modern conveniences a little more. After the Works, mom and I did a little shopping just because it felt like the right thing to do. I picked up a few gifts and a few Christmas decorations and was impressed by the cordialness of the other shoppers and workers. For working all morning, by 3PM, they were still happy and had smiles on their faces!

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