Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thanks Given - Day Eleven

Today I am thankful to have a cleaned off bed (see photo). Sound crazy? I fold laundry on the bed and usually stack it there until I go to bed and then move it to the floor. Today I was able to fold and put away (with the help of the girls and Tom) all of our laundry. Therefore, I have a cleaned off bed. Isn't it nice? Now, there is already a half load in the laundry room just from today that is taunting me and telling me I'll never be officially done. Oh well.

I also have a cleared off counter and cleared out sink. It was a nice domestic day today. My list for the week is long so it feels good to start off with an organized house. I seem to always start Monday with laundry on my list so it is awesome to have it knocked off before the week begins!

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