Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanks Given - Day Twenty Eight

Good thing the month is almost over. I'm getting slower and slower at keeping up with the every day thing. I'm still thinking about it everyday, but as we all know, thinking does not equal doing. Here's how yesterday's post would have looked.

Today, I am thankful for our customers. (I'm losing track a little, but I don't think they have made the list yet.) This week, we have had eight closings. Not all are Timber Run sales and some are multiple closings on the same property (long story), but still eight closings will keep anyone busy. :)

Although I am eternally grateful for all of our customers, I think I have the softest place in my heart for our very first customers - both at Timber Run and now our first customers at Joyner Homes, our custom side. These people believed in us before we even started up the bulldozer to clear the ground, let alone started building homes. It takes a lot of trust to be the first customer at any business, but to be the first on one of the largest investments of your life takes it to a whole new level.

I look back at our first Timber Run customers and think about how far we have come. I imagine how far we will be in four years on the custom side too. We've been building at Timber Run for four years now and built and closed 36 homes there with another 8 under construction and then 28 more to go to be 100% complete.

On the custom side, we started with our own home which we finished in April. Now, we have two officially under construction, with one more slated to start in December and a renovation that we hope to start shortly after that. Again, there is that level of trust while we move on to the next stage of our business.

I am incredible thankful for all of our customers. Every last one of them. :)

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