Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanks Given - Day Sixteen

Tonight, I am thankful for pizza, popcorn, a fire, a blanket and Brave with the girls. I'm most thankful that we are doing it all as a reward for Tessa's great behavior at school this week. We are always assured by her teacher that she is very well behaved, but she struggles to get all "blue smiley faces" every day during the week. Something always seem to trip her up and keeps her from getting five days in a row for the week. I know she tries so hard, but is also a little social butterfly and always up for fun.

So, this week she did it. She's so proud and we are too. We all get to celebrate. Well, all of us but Jack. He's upstairs going to bed. Poor little guy can't make it up until 9:30. :)

Here's a photo of her chart for the week with our "real" popcorn maker too. This thing makes awesome popcorn and makes popcorn feel like a special occasion. It's a Stir Crazy by Westbend. They come out at Christmas time and I highly recommend it as a gift to anyone with a three-four year old or older. Practical and takes up no space in the toy room. :)

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