Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanks Given - Day Eighteen

Today, I am thankful for Pinterest and the blogs I follow. Before you scoff and laugh and chastise, I will assure you that I am serious. :)

These things have helped me try new things and stretch outside the box when it comes to creativity, which is by no means my strong point. Today alone, I tried two new projects. First, I made salt dough ornaments for the girls to decorate. I realize this recipe is old as dirt, but I was "inspired" by Pinterest none the less.

I also decorated our stair railing with Christmas cards that we've sent out over the years and added in some Santa pictures too. I saw this one on Clover Lane. (I would link but I'm on my phone. Google it!)

I should also say I'm thankful Tom puts up with all of this too...

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