Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanks Given - Day Nineteen

Today, I am thankful for my kids. I certainly can't go into detail about every little thing that makes them so special but they really make my life so much sweeter. Now, do we have our rough times? Do they yell and scream at me (and sometimes I at them)? Do I sometimes want to run away for a day or two? Oh yeah. But, it comes back to that unconditional love that is understood by mothers and their children.

Tonight, as I was putting the kids to bed, I was so thankful that Jack still lets us snuggle him and gazes up at us like in a dream when we sing him songs. He's always been a squirmy kid and I have to bribe him for hugs and kisses but not at night. The light goes out and his head hits my shoulder.

The girls and I have had the same bedtime routine for over three years now and it's so simple yet always finishes up the day in a calm and quiet way. No matter what may have happened throughout the day, it's all over after a story and a song. To those of you with young babies, there is nothing better you can do for yourselves or your baby than to establish a routine and become diligent about it. It seems silly but is so helpful in all kinds of ways.

I am extra thankful for them today. They're still at the age that they love their mama no matter what and I can (almost) do no wrong. What's not to love about that?

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