Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanks Given - Day Twenty Seven

Ach! Another day missed. I'm determined to stay caught up though. Last night I had no excuse. I spent my computer time obsessively researching our trip to Mexico. I think I have read every snippet on every forum online about our hotel and the area. I'm just a little excited... :) Here's yesterday's post...

Today, I am thankful for all of the great teachers and staff that have had a part in my life and my kids' lives so far. I met with Josie's teacher and the speech pathologist today to talk about the results of Josie's speech test. I was surprised at the thoroughness but not surprised at the results of the test. She will be doing two days a week of speech at school for 10 minutes each. (It cracks me up that they can get anything done in 10 minutes but they must get down to business!) Tom and I both went through speech therapy during school and I wouldn't be surprised if all the kids need it at some point. I'm a little sad that her little flaws will be trained out of her, but totally understand it's a part of life. I certainly wouldn't want her to talk like that when she's 15.

I can still remember all of my teachers in elementary and most of them from junior high and high school. But, I have a really tough time naming more than two or three in college. Isn't that funny? Shouldn't my memory fade when I get back to 25(+) years ago and be pretty clear for only 15 years ago? I think that just shows what an impact teachers can have on a child so early in life.

Tessa and Josie have been so incredibly lucky to have had two wonderful teachers at Mt. Comfort. Mrs. McCleery is only in her first year and has done such a good job really making things interesting for the kids and going the extra mile to make it memorable. So far this year, she has created a book club in the classroom and made Josie a chart to track the Magic Treehouse books she has read. Josie just loves her and probably mentions her name at least once a day. And, Tessa has Mrs. Brown again this year. Our experience has been the same as last year - wonderful. Tessa doesn't talk about school as much as Josie, but I can tell she is having a great time and really enjoying her time there.

These girls just adore their teachers and are always thinking about them. I am constantly amazed at the energy and time it must take to be a teacher in these younger grades. My three kids wear me out and I can't imagine a whole classroom! I am so thankful for teachers that care for my children and are teaching them so many new things - so much more than reading and math!

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