Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanks Given - Day Fifteen

Yep. Missed another day. Oh well. Here's how yesterday's post would have looked...

Today, I am thankful for my fantastic in-laws. In the in-law deck of cards, I think I ended up with a royal flush. (They love Vegas so I thought that was appropriate.)

Not only did they manage to raise a great son, they also manage to give enough time and energy to all of their kids to make us all feel like we're their favorite. :) Every year, they give each family a week, or more, of babysitting so us moms and dads can get away together. They understand that we not only need the break from the kids, but that this one of the secrets of a good marriage. They have set the example of becoming your spouse's best friend.

They have always loved being with each other and got away when they had little ones too. Now, they do almost everything together and wouldn't have it any other way.

What an example they have taught their kids. They've taught us so much about being good parents but also about being a good spouse.

I would have typed this up last night but I spent the first part of the night planning our week away. The second part of the night was spent with them as they were returning after FIVE WEEKS in Colorado helping with the triplets. I told you they were good. ;)

Thank you Barb and Vic for raising a great son and for everything you have done and will do for all of our families! We are so blessed!

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