Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanks Given - Day Seventeen

Today, I am thankful we have another weekend at home with no plans. We've seemed to have a lot of these lately and I'm always glad when they come along. I'm always inclined to plan something like the children's museum, etc. (only because i get grumpy when we all stay home all day) but today we hung around the house. Tessa and I hit up the craft stores for some Christmas decorations and the grocery. Tom took Josie (and Jack) to the church for Upward basketball assessments. When we all got home, I took off for a run and Tom made shredded chicken sandwiches. We then worked outside and decorated the house a bit for Christmas. I feel like we're super early which feels really good. Spent the late afternoon watching the Buckeyes. Nice little Saturday. :)

Here are a few photos of the "tree" the girls decorated. They were devastated when I told them we couldn't leave it up. They came up with all of this on their own, including the "star"fish beach toy for the topper. (I threw in a picture of the house and Tom too.)

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