Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Trip to Tuttle

This week made us think of fall so we took off to Tuttle Orchards today. The girls were excited because they like to pick apples there. I was excited because they would finally eat some fruit. For some reason, they love the apples there and won't eat them from anywhere else. So, off we went.

First we went over to the apple store to check things out. The kids enjoyed running through the greenhouses first, especially Jack.

Second stop was the measuring stick at the entrance. We've been doing this for a while.

2011 - Tessa wouldn't participate



2008 - We must have skipped Tuttle this year because we have no photos

2007 - Our first year in Greenfield

After seeing how we measured up, we went into the orchard to see about picking some apples.

After hauling both girls in the wagon, I was sweating and tired. Plus, we were finding no apples. It was the first weekend for upick and the trees were pretty bare. Everyone was tired, so we turned around, apple-less, and went back to the store. We bought a nice bag of apples and some peaches.

Later tonight, Jack saw Tessa's apple on the counter and started pointing and whining for it. So, I sat him up in his chair and let him have at it. I've been playing a little with my camera and used this chance to play around a little more.

Love how the apples are in focus and his face of joy is not.

He sure looks like he's enjoying himself! I love how he's kind of peeking over the apples.

Just a sweet baby...

It was a fun taste of fall. Next time, I'm getting an apple cider slushy though despite the calories... :)

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