Monday, September 19, 2011

Back on the Horse Check-In - 09/19/11

Blah. What a bad week. I'm not sure where I got off track, but back again I come. The workouts fell off the face of the earth and the calories just started adding up. And, we're being honest here right? I stopped logging food all together.

Now, to look to the positive news from the week... I have officially determined that I eat when stressed and when bored. As soon as something comes up that stresses me out, I see it as an excuse to eat. I guess I'm not totally sure why, but with as much stress as I have in my life right now, I need to get over it. Eating junk will certainly not make me feel better in the long run. In fact, it makes me feel pretty crappy in the short one too - can anyone say guilt?

So, today is a new day. I will start again. Today, I will take a new look at things and remember a few things...

- Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels
- Working out makes me feel better
- I will not lose five pounds in two days

Here are my goals for the day...

1. Log what I eat - I use and their iPhone app 
2. Eat under 1250 calories of high protein, good carb food - this is net of exercise calories 
3. Drink 64 oz. of water or green tea
4. Exercise for 40 minutes 
5. Take a vitamin 
6. Be accountable - I blog about my progress in the evening or next morning 

And, here are the longer term goals...

1. Run the Riley Run 5K in 25 minutes - Ran last week and felt pretty good. I'm still thinking 25 minutes may be a stretch, but I'll give it my best!
2. Lose 10 pounds by October 31 - a pound a week - Did I mention how bad this week was for me? Needless to say, the scale reflected this. I do think I can make this date though. This week just proved to me that I need to not have an off week. I suppose an off day here or there can work, but an off week just doesn't work. 

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