Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back on the Horse Check In - 09/15/11

So, I'm posting this on my phone because I've been a bit busy this week. Not really with anything in particular other than life in general. But, here we are on Thursday and I haven't updated on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Mostly because Monday and Tuesday were abysmal. I went over on calories and didn't exercise. I did manage to drink my water though and take vitamins.

I made up for it Yesterday though. I manage to, get this, eat LESS thank my allotted calories for the day! A lot of that had to do with forcing a 4.25 mile run. I actually felt really good running and probably could have gone further but was on a time crunch.

As I frequently do, I was mentally composing a blog post all day yesterday. It was filled with whines which is why I didn't write it. Sometimes, our lives get a little out of control. I hear "how do you do it" a lot and sometimes I just want to scream "I don't!" Sometimes it feels like I get a lot done buy don't do any of it well. Yesterday was just one of those days. Or, it was until I went for that run. How is it that I always forget how much better I feel after I exercise?! After my run, we went to Bible Study. Once we were home, Tom helped the girls pick up the playroom while I cuddled with Jack and put him to bed. I read the girls books (making an effort to enjoy it and not rush) while Tom did the dishes. All was right again in my world. :)

So, no need for a downer post. Perspective is always an important thing and something I struggle with on a daily basis. Getting priorities in line always help. Today will be another great day!

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