Monday, September 5, 2011

Change Change Change

(I understand this blog post title has probably been used by every blogger under the sun, but it fits so deal with it.)

This has certainly been a season of change for the Joyner household. When I really sit back and think about how different things are today then they were even three months ago, it's no wonder I feel like we're in a tailspin half the time. Change is a very difficult thing to maneuver and I think we're doing an "OK" job. Mind you, just OK.

Tomorrow brings another change and then Wednesday yet another.

Due to staff cutbacks at Josie's new school, they had very full kindergarden classes - 27 in the AM and 28 in the PM. Luckily, they were able to get some of the money raised last year in the Save Our Staff (SOS) events to add an extra kindergarden class in the morning. This is a great way to use the funds and I hope that parents and community members understand how much something like this means to a parent like me. Smaller class size is very important and I think all of our kids will blossom, despite the next part of the story.

Since you've probably already read the title of this post, you probably know where I'm heading with this next part. After three weeks of school, Josie will be changing classes. Since she's in the PM class, she'll not only be changing times, but also changing teachers. I know she will do great - she's a very adaptable kid. But, she's already grown fond of her teacher and is catching on to the schedule of the day and all that good stuff. I'm sure the new teacher is going to work hard to make the transition easy on the kids. Luckily, the new teacher has been working with the classes, so Josie's already familiar with her.

Now, this does wonders for our schedule however. On days Tessa was in school and I worked, (Wednesday), this is what our schedule would have looked like once preschool started...

8:50 - Out the door with all three kids
8:55 - Drop Tessa at preschool
9:00 - Drop Josie & Jack at sitters
10:55 - Tom pick up Josie and drop her at school (30 minutes)
11:00 - Sara pick up Tessa and drop her at sitters (30 minutes)
2:00 - Sara pick up Josie and drop her back at sitter (30 minutes)
5:15 - Pick up all kids at sitters

Of course, if Tessa didn't have school (Tues/Thurs), you could cut that out. Or, if I didn't work (Mon/Fri), we wouldn't have to go to the sitters in the AM & PM. But, still, you get the point.

But, now, I'll take Josie at 7:30 to school, come back and pick up the kids to take to the sitter or school. Work for an hour-ish, go back to Josie's school at 10:30, then Tessa's at 11 and get them all to the sitters' at 11:15 and have the afternoon to really get things done at work.

I keep telling myself it's just for a few months. Next year, we'll figure something else out.

Then for the final change, Tessa starts PreK on Wednesday. I'm really hoping that's the end of big changes around here until moving to the new house. I'm not sure how much more this mama can take. I know it's wearing on the kids too having to adapt to everything so quickly. But, I am assured by my Aunt Trena (a wonderful preschool teacher) that change is so very good for them. They'll be stronger after all of this - I just hope the adults fare as well.

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