Monday, September 12, 2011

Back on the Horse Checkin - 09/11/11

I missed filling everyone in yesterday about the day before, but I did pretty well. Here are my stats from yesterday...

1. Log what I eat - I use and their iPhone app - DONE!
2. Eat under 1250 calories of high protein, good carb food - this is net of exercise calories - I did good here - not perfect but good. I went on a major snack binge before dinner which is dumb. I think I went too long without eating and I was hungry and bored.
3. Drink 64 oz. of water or green tea - DONE! Finally made some more green tea and it was good.
4. Exercise for 40 minutes - DONE! In fact, it was closer to an hour. Instead of Insanity, we took the kids to the bike path. Tom took off on a run and the girls took turns in the stroller and then riding the bike. I kept up with the double (non-jogging) stroller. I jogged about half the time while pushing that beast!
5. Take a vitamin - DONE!
6. Be accountable - I blog about my progress in the evening or next morning - DONE!

And, here are the longer term goals...

1. Run the Riley Run 5K in 25 minutes - Didn't get a chance to run this weekend. I made need to amend this goal. 25 minutes is seeming a bit lofty. 
2. Lose 10 pounds by October 31 - a pound a week - Only lost 0.5 pound this week. (I was actually down 1 pound as of yesterday, but today was only 0.5 and Monday is the day that counts.) Looking back on my app, it's pretty obvious why I didn't lose that extra pound. I was 2500 calories over for the week (and I'm sure I missed a few here and there). My calorie goal is based on a pound and a half a week and 3500 is a pound. So, I was close to a pound over my goal. Hence, only losing 0.5 pound. I will do better this week. 

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