Sunday, August 21, 2011

This is Not Easy

This has been the toughest week of probably my entire life. I really want to go back to the time before the stage collapse and back to the innocence of bad things not happening to the good people that I know. The ups and downs of Andrea's condition are weighing so heavily on me and I really can't stop thinking about her and her family. I'm constantly on Facebook to see if there are any status updates and checking my phone too.

Then, I'll put myself in check. If I'm going through this and feel this horrible about things, then how must her family feel? Her brother, Tyler, is doing a fantastic job of keeping all of her supporters strong and informed. I do believe that God is building a testimony as part of her healing. Tyler mentions people in his posts that have come to Jesus or began praying in earnest as a result of Andrea's situation. It has certainly strengthened my faith as well.

I've struggled with a lot this week. I'm just sick about the whole situation. I haven't kept up on house chores or things at work. I bark at the kids and really just want to lay on the couch. It's starting to rub off on them which is obviously not good. Today, I made myself snap out of it. I picked up the house, paid bills, organized paperwork and get this, I even ran on the treadmill. I feel better.

But, it's not about me, it's about Andrea and her family. It looks like there is good news on her recovery today too. It looks like they're lessening, if not totally removing, the sedation medicine. Now, I have no thoughts that she will magically wake up and start saying What Happened, Where Am I, etc. But, it's certainly a good step in her recovery.

She is an awesome person and I just miss her. I miss her optimism and smiles at the office. I feel for her and the struggles she will go through in her recovery. But, I also know she can do it. Hoping for more good news in Tyler's update tonight...

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