Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Other Victims of the State Fair Collapse

As I've been writing, our Sales Consultant and very good friend, Andrea Vellinga, was injured badly in the Indiana State Fair stage collapse on August 13th. She is fighting to regain consciousness this week as she has been in a coma since last Saturday. This will be a baby step process, but she is making those baby steps and we are so proud of her.

I think I have mentioned that I am glued to Facebook updates about her from her brother and parents. We went to visit her yesterday and I plan to go back tomorrow. I have heard a number of very positive stories about victims of other traumatic brain injuries. Today, I talked with someone whose son was in a bad car accident that was in a coma for two weeks. On Thursday of the second week, he began to come to very slowly. On the following Monday night, his mother went in to the rehab center and saw him sitting up in a chair with his wife and he recognized her. He spent about three months in therapy (occupational and physical) and now is at 98% and you wouldn't know he had been through anything like that. I will again say that if anyone can make that happen, Andrea will be the one.

I have also been following the status of some other patients around the area. Here are links to their stories.

Bradley Humphrey - Brad is a 17 year old tennis star. He is in the same hospital as Andrea but different floor with leg and back injuries.

Shannon and Jade - Jade is only 11 years old and appears to be in the same stage as Andrea, early awakening. Shannon is her mother.

And, of course, Andrea's page. I believe her brother's inspiring updates are posted to this page too. As you read, you will realize he is destined for bigger things. :)

I know what a difference has been made by the prayers of many in Andrea's recovery. Now, I ask that you add these and others injured to your prayer lists too. Pray that they not only recover but become motivation for all of us to overcome whatever obstacle we may face.  Their struggle has already caused many to come closer to God, including yours truly.

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