Thursday, August 11, 2011

School is Starting!

Josie and I went to Back to School Night tonight at her new school, Mt. Comfort Elementary. Since we're new to the district, I didn't receive anything in the mail so I wasn't sure if she was supposed to go along with me. It wasn't really ideal as it was really just information for Parent's and it was pretty long.

But, she was able to meet her teacher and see the classroom. It sounds like it's going to be a great year and a great teacher. She loads all of the class photos to Shutterfly and puts out a newsletter once a week for parents. It also seems like a great school with great support. It makes me feel confident we made the right choice.

As a first time parent of a Kindergardener, I was surprised that I feel so calm about things. I am so excited for her new adventure. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm sure I will shed a few tears on her first day. I saw a lot of parents ask, "can't I just walk them in the first day?" I was really surprised to hear the teacher say it wouldn't be ideal, but they could. Maybe it's from my time at Bradley, but it is so much easier on everyone to just send them in.

Now, the thing I need to figure out is how I'm going to take her and pick her up everyday, along with getting Jack to the sitters and Tessa to and from preschool and the sitter. Problem is that Tessa is done on MWF at 11 for preschool and Josie starts at 11:15, about 12 minutes away from the school. I'll need Tom's help but also going to have to figure out when I can work in there sometime too.

Pictures will follow next week, but here is a photo from her very first day of school - the 3's class at Bradley.

And another from her first day of Pre-K.

She has come so far and I can't wait to see how she soars in her first year of public education!


  1. Aw... you just gave me goose bumps! I hope Josie has a great first day at kinder! (And you make it through too!)

  2. Thanks Les! She will and I will too. Can't wait... :)