Saturday, August 6, 2011

Move Is Done!

Holy cow. The move is done. What a crazy two weeks. The movers were here for three whole days and then the unpacking began. Just yesterday, I unpacked the last box that I think I will unpack here. Our garage is packed to the hilt with all of the other stuff that apparently we just have to have but don't need it for the next six months. I have a feeling that as we unpack that stuff in the next house, we'll realize we don't need half of it either.

Although it was a tremendous amount of work, I'm really glad we did it for a few reasons. One, it made me physically touch all of the things we actually have. This was good because I got rid of a lot of stuff, plus realized the "spaces" I'll need in the new house. For instance, we have so many bins, I want a dedicated storage wall in the basement to stack bins. Second, as we've been reviewing the house plan, I'm getting increasingly excited to do something new. And, finally, as we were leaving the other house, we realized just how wrong that house was for our lifestyle. So much work with outbuildings, two acres and lots of trees. I think we'll move forward with a house that fits our desires and time constraints so much better.

So, while two moves are not ideal, I am glad we did it this way. We're working to finalize our plan for the new house and are currently under contract on the lot. So, my guess is that we'll break ground within six weeks or so and be in by late winter/early Spring.

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