Friday, August 19, 2011

Josie's First Week at Kindergarden

Josie had a great first week. We had a few pick up issues, but all in all everything went smoothly. It was certainly a hectic week with everything going on with Andrea and trying to get on a new schedule. But, all in all, it was great for her.

Her class is very large - 28 kids! She's learned a few of their names but not many. She also told me today more about what they do everyday. The first few days, she only talked about free choice centers. This morning on the way to school, she told me that they sign in and then do seat work. Then, they read their Backyard Rules. She also started reciting something they must do in class. "A. aaa. Apple. B. bbb. Ball." etc. She knew them all. :) When she got home today, she made a book with those things, writing the upper case, lower case and drawing the picture. She also has a few new catch phrases, which for the life of me, I can't remember.

She must love her teacher too. I'm pretty impressed because even with 28 students, Josie has mentioned twice about things her teacher has said about her backpack and a shirt she was wearing. That tells me she's taking the time to interact with each of the kids and I know that means a lot to them. Josie's also bringing home papers with smiley faces. Her first "grades." :) I've already noticed that her coloring is better and more between the lines which I think is because she's really trying hard. One of her papers even had her first and last name. I can remember doing that in kindergarden. Luckily, she has an easier name than I did. :)

All in all, a great week for Josie. She's exhausted and ready for a weekend I think. Believe it or not, next week will be her first standardized test. It's a literacy test that all kindergardeners and 1st graders take. That news took me by surprise, but we're in the big leagues now. :)

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