Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of Kindergarden

Well, today was the big day! Josie had her first day of Kindergarden at Mt. Comfort Elementary.

Last night, she was getting a little weepy and talking about being nervous and missing her mom. She asked if I would put a picture of me in her backpack in case she started to miss me. I did. By this afternoon, she had given it to Tessa because she realized she probably wouldn't need it. :)

We asked her to remember three things to tell us about after her first day.

1. Another classmates name - she remembered Bri. Bri was actually the granddaughter of the first sitter the girls had in Greenfield. :)

2. Her favorite activity - It was coloring a frog. She said it was her teacher's favorite animal and she would get to bring it home tomorrow.

3. Her favorite part of the day - It was free time. She told us all about the stations in the classroom - the easel (at which she didn't want to push someone out of the way for fear of time out), the kitchen, the library, and she said the computers would be next week. She also said there could only be five kids on each station at a time.

She had it down. :)

Here are some photos from the first day.

Night before...

 Choosing the perfect outfit...

Not so sure about that Tessa...

Ah yes. Perfect...

 So big! (And, yes we changed the shirt choice.)

Aw mom... So embarrassing. (Wonder how long pictures like this will last?)

Big girl!



Gone! She ran the whole way! :)

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