Thursday, September 9, 2010

P90X - Day Three

OK – so another workout in and another blog post. Since I’m not sharing this site with friends/family yet, I guess I’m not too sure why I’m worried about keeping up with it. Maybe just to track my progress on this journey.
Arms and Shoulders wasn’t too bad – of course – I’ll feel it tomorrow. I was able to do all of the exercises. Did Ab Ripper X again and actually wrote down reps this time. I’m trying not to totally go overboard because I know if I just stick with it for 90 days, I will certainly see results. And, I know that the diet is more important than going to failure the first week. I’m a little nervous about Yoga X tomorrow as it’s 90 minutes and I’ve heard it’s not all that fun and becomes boring. That is the best thing about this program so far. I’ve never been bored – something is always coming next.

I have to figure something out though about Tessa. She keeps waking up at 6 and coming down during my workout. Not that I mind, too much, except that she’s not usually pleasant the whole time and needs milk. Then, she’ll be cranky the rest of the day because she didn’t get enough sleep. Then, to top that off, Jack woke up in the middle and I had to go feed him. At least it wasn’t a cardio workout today. I wasn’t as worried about keeping up the heart rate.

Now, about that diet… I’m having a hard time getting enough protein, by like 30% too few protein calories. I’m over a little bit in fat and carbs, but just can’t get in the protein. Still not really craving anything but I did get a little hungry yesterday. I probably saved too much of my food until the end of the day. I need to add calories to lunch. I’ve also noticed my sodium intake is too high. I am getting enough calcium though, which I think is due to the increased yogurt and veggie intake. Anyway, the diet isn’t “hard” per se, but I definitely am spending a lot of time determining what and when I should eat, not to mention grocery trips and food prep. I’m not sure what I’ll do once I go back to work next week. (Babysitter’s on vacation this week.)

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