Tuesday, September 14, 2010

P90X - Day Eight

Yep! Day 8! Holy cow I made it a week! I’ve lost 3 pounds and can tell I’ve lost inches in the belly but not measuring yet. I figure I’ll lose pounds fairly quick down to pre-Jack weight, especially with the low carb stuff.

My biggest happy face moment is that I’ve actually stuck with the diet. I didn’t even have one bite of a chip last night from El Rodeo. Major accomplishment. I’ve still been struggling with my ratios but actually had a perfect day yesterday. Problem is, it was just a stretch day so no recovery drink which will throw off my carbs.

My only disappointment is that today I had major struggles with pushups because if a stupid pulled ab muscle. It really hurts (particularly when I sneeze) during pushups and sit ups. So, instead of making it worse, I’m not doing ab ripper today. Feels like cheating but I know it’s best. Plus, it’s only pulled because I’m doing so much more than I was before!

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