Wednesday, September 8, 2010

P90X - Day Two

Well, I did two things today and it’s not even 7AM – worked out and blogged! Plyometrics today – it is intense! I was able to do all of the moves, just modified a lot. I love the way the workouts are structured – 30 seconds each and only three or four and then repeated. It gives me a concise start and end time and something to look forward to. I figure next week, I may try to do the jump on the first time through and then the modified on the second and work up from there. Either way, I burned 427 calories! Happy about that.

I think all of the jumping woke the kids up though. Tessa came down around 6 and Josie around 6:15 (fully dressed I may add). They were pretty good and laid on the couch watching, but it took a little of the “me time” aspect out of the workout. And, I had to get chocolate milk in the middle. Oh well. Josie is now playing and Tessa is resting on the couch watching Mickey. I have about 15 minutes until I have to hit the shower and get moving for the day.
First day of preschool today!

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