Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hot Tub Shopping

About two months ago, I gave the go ahead to Tom and said he could get a hot tub. He was thrilled and we went out that day to shop for one at a large outdoor patio store. That was a struggle in itself because we had all the kid and the store also sold huge play sets so thats all the girls wanted to do. There were a handful of sales people around the store but everyone seemed busy avoiding us (we were the only customers in the store).

Finally, the sales manager gave the girls beach balls to play with and asked if we needed help. Tom asked for the 5 minute run down on what we needed to know about buying and owning a hot tub. The sales manager was great, except for one fatal flaw – not asking for our info. Which, brings me to my next point.

Fast forward to today – we still haven’t bought one, but probably could have been convinced to do so a week after we were in. I am currently sitting in the car with Jack while Tom’s in his second store of the day. Tom said he acted like a typical Timber Run customer in the first store.

Sales person: hi. How’s it going? Shopping for hot tubs today?
Tom: just looking.
SP: what size are you looking for? Whats your price range etc.?
Tom: just looking.
SP: isn’t your wife going to come in?
Tom: nope. I’m just scouting things out. See you!

At least he tried and asked all the right questions. The second store was way worse. The guy wouldn’t stop running his mouth and apparently cussed in front of the kids. Nice. So, we are back at step one. I guess we will go back to the outdoor store.

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