Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shopping Spree!

I told myself if I got a lot accomplished at work this week, I could take Friday off to nap. I did get a lot done since Tom was out of the office. All of my filing is caught up and I even tackled a few items that have been on my to-do list for months. So, I headed out on Friday afternoon to grab lunch, hit the bank, then home for my nap. In my four years of working part time, I have never taken time off for something so silly. In fact, I have rarely taken time to do anything other than work while the kids were at the sitters. Talk about Mother's Guilt!

Once I got home though, I started having second thoughts. Why waste a perfectly good afternoon without kids sleeping on the couch. Will it really get me anywhere? Nope. So, off to Hamilton Town Center I went!

First stop - Bed Bath and Beyond. I really went here to look for a portable exersaucer for Jack.

Baby Go Pod

They didn't have them. Instead, I walked out with this...

Shark Steam Mop


Now, on to the clothes. Deals were to be had all around. I got some casual summer things for Jack and I at Old Navy and some bargain work things at Banana Republic. Then, I went to Ann Taylor Loft and found three great shirts on clearance. Finally, I went to Express and found what I really wanted - dressy capris! If I had 30 more minutes, I would have gone to DSW to find a pair of black dressy sandals to go with. But, I had to pick up the kids. Oh well.

Once home, I got online and finally ordered Turbo Fire. I'm anxious to get it. I seem to do so much better  with a plan. This sounds like a lot of fun and under an hour. I've got to get doing something - I feel like a slug.

Today, I found a 40% off coupon code to Puma. That was one thing I wanted to find in Chicago that I never could find - a pair of casual Puma's. So, I went online and got these...

Puma Running Shoes

It's funny how shopping can be rejuvenating, but it really is. Way better than a nap if you ask me!

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