Saturday, June 11, 2011

What a Wonderful Day!

Well, Tom's home so that means it's time to relax a little...from the kids anyway. We had quite the lazy morning this morning. Tom made coffee and muffins while I laid in bed an extra five minutes. (I have no idea why that is such a big deal but it really feels awesome!) Then, his parents came over for a little while on their way back to Ohio.

After relaxing a little on the back porch and enjoying the non-90 degree heat, Tom decided to take Tessa to the Farmer's Market to get Bison for dinner. Well, that was a bust as there were only five vendors. Wonder where the rest of them were? Anyway, they went to Marsh and picked up fancy cheese and burger meat. Meanwhile, Josie watched a show, Jack napped and I stayed on the back porch catching up on the paper and This Old House magazine.

Tom brought home lunch and then I asked if he would power up the power washer. He did. Ahhh.... Pure bliss. The hum of the motor in the background, no whining kids, and the pure glory of seeing progress on something was just wonderful. I cleaned off all of the sidewalks in a very meticulous pattern. Honestly, I'm amazed at how therapuetic the whole experience was. It was just what the doctor ordered after a relatively taxing week.

Here's just a sampling of how beautiful it was... (The center and outside stripes are where I had already gone with the power washer.)

Seriously, it was awesome.

Right now, Tom is out finishing things up. I think he'd had about enough of the kids - I was out there for three hours! I desperately need a shower because of all the crap that sprayed up and because I had to spray serious bug spray as the the black flies were crazy!

Jack had a big day today too. After three days of broken skin, his top left tooth finally popped through. And, he stood up on his own today and Tom said he took 10 steps. So far, he is not only my oldest walker, but also the slowest to get right to it. The girls seemed to just start walking in like 2 days. He's been 2 weeks and is still catching on. I told someone the other day, it's a good thing I didn't keep great baby books because I'd be comparing the kids all the time. (Actually, I just tell myself that to make me feel better.)

Off to clean up and put the kids to bed so we can enjoy our burgers on the grill tonight!

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