Monday, June 13, 2011

Day of Accomplishment

As the clock struck noon today, I had a moment of anxiety. What had I gotten myself into!?!? Jack was waking up from his extra long morning nap, which usually means no afternoon nap. I had destroyed the toy room and had only begun to put it back together. The kitchen table was stacked with trash and garage sale items from the toy room clean out along with two full, unfolded laundry baskets and bags of trash from the toy room. No one had eaten lunch and I had already begun to clean out books from the girls' room too. And, to top it off, we had a showing scheduled for 7PM.

Well, that showing certainly kept me on task. I quickly finished whipping the toy room into shape complete with labeled bins and a place for everything. I'm hoping now that there are fewer toys and more space and a place for things, the girls will be able to help keep it clean. Plus, when they can see their toys, they tend to play with them more.

I managed to sort all of their books, go through Jack's clothes, finish and put away five loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen (go Shark Steam Mop!) and go through an old toy bin in Jack's room all before Tom got home. And, of course, go through the massive amount of toys in the toy room along with making quite a pile for a garage sale.

Once Tom was home, he hopped on the mower and I stuck Jack in the exersaucer with a pretzel rod while I trimmed and then blew away all the grass off the driveway and sidewalks. The house looked like a million bucks! Don't know why, but I have a good feeling about this one. Really no reason at all to feel that way. Either way, I will say, listing this house has kicked me into gear. I've cleared out more closets and old hiding spots in the last month than I have since we've lived here. It feels good. I wish we could live like this all the time! (Well, only kind of!)

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