Sunday, June 19, 2011

Turbo Fire Inferno Plan - Day One Review

Today was the day. No more putting it off. I ordered Turbo Fire last week and was thinking of trying the "Inferno Plan" during this week before we went off to Ohio for vacation. The claim is you may lose up to 10 pounds and 10 inches in 5 days. I'm at a high weight in the last few days due to too many bad decisions.  I know a lot of it is just junk weight and would be gone with making better decisions over a week or two anyway, so I expect to at least lose 5 pounds by extreme diet and exercise. As much as I read and know that weight is not to be the true measurement of fitness, I can't get away from that number on the scale.

The concept is very simple. 1200 calories and 55-75 minutes of hard core cardio for 5 days straight. The 1200 calories is very similar to the P90X Phase I diet. When I did that, I essentially only had one serving of complex carbs (brown rice, whole wheat bread, etc.) a day. The calories break down like this:

50% of calories from protein (4 calories per gram of protein)
30% of calories from carbohydrates (4 calories per gram of carb)
20% of calories from fat (9 calories per gram of fat)

The big difference in the Inferno Plan is the LOW amount of calories. When I did P90X, I was up to 2400 calories. This is half. And, I feel it. It's 9:13 and I'm hungry. Not just craving a certain thing. Just hungry. The only thing that's getting me through is knowing I only have to do this until Friday. I can see why you're not to stick with this longer than 5 days. Really, it means you're netting about 500 calories for the day. My heart rate monitor said I burned 700 doing the workout. The regular plan does not have this much of a deficit, so it should be easier to maintain.

About that workout - wow - it was awesome! I did the Fire EZ 55 class and chose new to class. This is great because she walks you through all of the routines slowly before you have to tackle them in the high cardio section where they're going 100 mph. However, I do feel like I got it going through it just once. So, next time, I'll do just the regular class. It flew by even though it ended up taking 90 minutes instead of 55 since Jack wasn't really cooperating. The high pace and high energy routines just don't stop but they're changed up so much you don't get bored. Just as I thought a routine was getting old, it was time to change.

So, overall, it was a good first day. I'd like about another 500 calories but I can see how this will certainly work. I figure I'll lose 5 pounds just in order to gain it back over our vacation. Better to be starting low though!

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