Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Turbo Fire Inferno Plan - Day Three Review

I'm more than half-way through! I love that this is just a five day kick start program. And, I love that I've lost six pounds in 2 days. It's a great way to get quick pounds gained off quickly and then some. I'm only 1/2 pound from my very most recent low achieved with Insanity. And, that number was a brief (one day) occurrence. :) I know it is so much more diet than it is exercise. But, the exercise is sure keeping the calorie deficit smokin'!

Today was Fire EZ55 again and this time I did not do New to Class. I was able to keep up with things very well as evidenced by my 493 calorie burn. Not bad for 53 minutes.

And, I had the absolute, hands-down, best diet lunch ever today. A baked potato, a piece of low fat co-jack cheese (I put it on when the potato was really hot so it got all melty), a piece of turkey bacon crumbled up and a little low-fat sour cream. OMG - it was so good! Today's diet seems a bit heavy in the carb department. I skipped the cottage cheese and pineapple rings this morning for breakfast and substituted two eggs, one egg white and two pieces of turkey bacon. Then, the potato for lunch and then a whole wheat tortilla and quinoa for dinner. (Just reread this - there is other stuff on the menu for today, I just listed the carbs). I can use it though because I can certainly feel my energy levels sinking a bit.

Signing off for now. VBS is making for late nights and the girls are due home any moment!

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