Friday, June 24, 2011

House is SOLD!

Yep that's right! After 18 showings, 40 days on the market and lots of crazy cleaning, the house is under contract (for 97.8% of list price)! We still have to get through inspections, their house has to close on 7/1 and they have to finalize financing. All of these things, I have been assured by their agent, are not a problem and we should be good to close on 7/15. They want us out by 7/21.

So, this creates a few obvious issues. Since we want to build, we need transitional housing. Originally, we thought, oh no big deal, we'll just stay in an apartment while we build. Now that the time is actually here, that's not sounding appealing AT ALL! I'm not sure how we would do. OK, honestly, we'd be fine. It's a fine backup plan.

However, today, we'll be taking a look at a friend's house that they're working to finish as a flip. It may just work. Double bonus - it's close to Timber Run and it's close to the site we're considering for our new house - in between the two really.

We're also going to walking the home site we're considering today too. Here's a map of the site we're thinking about... (You can zoom in to see it up close.)

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This is the floor plan that is my current favorite. It changes frequently though, so who knows...

This will give us a lot to talk about and think about while we're back in Ohio this week. My goal is to determine where we'll be living in the interim and then get to a 90% decision on the lot we're going to buy. Then, when we get back, we can put in an offer on the lot (contingent on our house actually closing). Also while we're gone, I'm going to be working on what goes in storage, what gets sold (yes, I'm going to plan a garage sale in the middle of all this), and what goes to the new interim spot.

And, then there's the issue of Josie and kindergarden. Poor girl is so excited to go to Eden and even knows her teacher's name. (Now, I haven't told her that teachers have been moved around anyway, but that's not important now.) I think after the buyer's house closes and we get inspection taken care of, we'll share the news with the kids and start talking about the new school, which is Mt. Comfort Elementary. I need to call the school and see if we can get her in school even though we won't be in the district at the first of the year and what we need to do to get that going.

I've started a new notebook for all of this. Someday, I'll blog about my notebook system, which is awesome. Well, I think so anyway. Usually, I do everything in one notebook, but I think the sale, move, build, etc. deserves it's own.

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