Friday, April 27, 2012

Race Thoughts

Here were are - exactly one week away from heading downtown to pick up our race packets for the Indy Mini. I spent a little time this morning reviewing my running posts from last year.

Here is my Pre-Race Post and my Post-Race Post from last year. It's been helpful for me to re-read these, especially the Pre-Race Post. I had forgotten how bad my knee felt last year. It seemed like an obstacle that would be hard to overcome and I did it anyway which is good for me to read this year.

My time last year was 2:02:43 and I was convinced this year was my year to break the 2 hour mark. I had the plan and I was all set. Then, I sprained my ankle on vacation which put me out from running and really much of any other type of high impact cardio for most of March. I was bummed, but still managed to start getting longer runs in by the end of March. I was doing great, though was having a hard time fitting in much more than a run or three a week, mainly due to moving, but got up to 9 miles two weeks ago and really felt pretty darned good! Then, Sunday came along and bam - strep throat. Somehow I managed to also pick up bronchitis too. And, it's sticking around way too long - like it's still here two weeks later. I've managed to get in a run this week and felt OK. I'm going to run again today and then go for 10 miles tomorrow. I'm also expecting new shoes today. I tried to get them last week so I would have a little more time in them before the race, but they were the wrong size. I'm very excited because they felt awesome just a tad too small.

Mom and dad are coming again this time and dad's goal this year is to run it faster. They were around the 2:30 mark last year. I don't think my dad particularly enjoys running (I must get it honest), but enjoys the goal setting and accomplishing. It's a lot of fun to have this tradition with them and hard to believe we've been doing this for three years!

So, while I may not break the 2 hour mark, I'll feel good for finishing this year. There's always next year. :) And, there's always the round of fall half-marathons. Plus, we have Andrea's 5K event two weeks after this race so I'll be in good shape for that one. The good news about my longer runs is that I've not been sore at all afterward. I'm pretty worn out, but not achy like I've always been in the past. I'll take all the good news I can get right now. I need to spend the next week hydrating, visualizing, eating right and getting rid of this crap in my lungs in order to give myself the best chance. Either way, it's always an experience and a fun day!

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